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Jennifer Mendes in ‘Perfect Curves&rsquo…

Jennifer Mendes in ‘Perfect Curves’ at

Raven haired hottie Jennifer Mendes has curves in all the
right places and is more than happy to show them off. Dressed in tight hot-pants
and a tank top, Jennifer oozes sex appeal… and she’s soon oozing piss into her
hot pants as she gives in to the sudden urge to pee. She holds her crotch as her
bladder starts to pulse but sits down to enjoy the feel of peeing in her pants.

Jennifer takes off her tank top and uses it to mop up the
puddle of pee she has created on the floor… and then squeezes the juices out
all over her big boobs. She stays on the floor and rubs her pussy through her
wet panties before taking them off and masturbating.

This Pee Pervert decides things aren’t wet enough, so pees
again, this time while standing up, aiming her stream over a glass chair. Jennifer
laps up her golden piss and spits if back down over her nipples before tipping
the pool of piss all over her naked body.

Feeling really horny, Jennifer toys herself with a golden
vibrator and then pees over her clothes before stretching her piss-soaked tank
top back over her slippery tits. She catches one final piss stream in a
watering can and gives herself a well-deserved pissy shower to cool down after
this super-hot scene from

Antonia Sainz in ‘Piss-Drenched Gym Gear…

Antonia Sainz in ‘Piss-Drenched Gym Gear’ at

Antonia Sainz gets back home after a party wearing a sexy red
dress and high heels but she’s ready for some sporty action, so gets changed
into her gym gear. Unfortunately, the tightness of her grey leggings means she
suddenly feels desperate to pee… and a filthy feeling takes hold of this Pee
–  instead of going to the loo,
or even stripping again, Antonia decides to kneel up on the glass table where
she starts peeing in her pants. Her pee stream flows down onto the table and
Antonia clearly loves the sensation of her wet leggings. She’s so horny that she
rips open the crotch so that she can touch her bare pussy.

After she has finished peeing, she tastes her juices on the
tips of her fingers and then dives into her puddle of pee. She takes off her
tank top and mops up the rest of her piss and squeezes it all over her breasts.

Once Antonia is completely naked, she uses some red tongs to
tease her pussy lips with then gapes herself wide apart. As she stands up and
spreads her pussy, Antonia releases another stream of golden piss down onto the
table, and licks her pee puddle.

Feeling the need for more pussy play, Antonia slides a blue rabbit
vibrator deep into her juicy pussy. While lying on the glass table, Antonia
pees again and abandons the you to take herself to orgasm with her fingers.

To finish the scene, Antonia pees into a jug and then serves
herself a glass of hot pee, which she drinks, before pouring the remaining
contents over her head. If you want to see Antonia’s pissy gym routine, head to now.

Lola Shine in ‘The Wet Exam’ at We…

Lola Shine in ‘The Wet Exam’ at

Stunning blonde Pee Pervert Lola Shine is sitting at the
desk, trying to concentrate on her exam when her mind starts to wander and she
starts to think about having a nice long piss. She’s desperate, and as she
isn’t allowed to leave the room, she squats on the desk and simply pisses
through her panties. She creates a huge puddle of pee on the desk and
afterwards she strips naked and start sucking her juices from her panties.

Lola mops up more of her piss from the desk and then uses
some white tongs to fuck her pussy… and gape it wide open as she lets fly with another
stream of hot piss. This time, she splashes her golden nectar over gorgeous body
and gets so horny that she needs to ride a huge black dildo.

Changing positions, Lola turns around and shows off her ass
while continuing her dildo play then she sprays even more piss over her chair,
before finishing herself off with the dildo.

As a finale, Lola catches her piss in a watering can and sprinkles
her piss over her naked body and into her mouth to leave her with a tangy taste
as she forgets all about the exam. We hope she passes! There’s no way you
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Ashley Ocean in ‘Wet The Bed’ at W…

Ashley Ocean in ‘Wet The Bed’ at

Ashley Ocean is relaxing on her bed, feeling rather horny
while dressed in white lingerie and lace topped stockings. She slides her hand
down to her panties and rubs her hungry pussy through them before she pulls
them to one side and releases a messy stream of golden piss all over the
bed sheets and her stockings, soaking them through. She takes off her panties
and while lying on her wet bed sheets, Ashley masturbates and fingers herself. She
bends over and starts to lick her own juices from the fabric beneath her –
proving herself to be a total Pee Pervert.

Getting hold of a red speculum, she inserts into her slippery
pussy, gaping it wide as she pees again onto her bed, this time bent over on
all fours. She plays with her fresh golden juices, making sure to cover her whole
body in them before she uses a nipple pump on both her nipples and her clit.

While pumping herself, Ashley needs to pee again so catches
more of her golden nectar in the tube. Ashley pours it into her mouth, giving
her a sexy taste of piss which turns her on so much that she needs to fuck
herself with a glass dildo.

To finish off, Ashley catches another messy stream of pee in
a vase and pours it all over her face, and into her mouth. If you want a taste
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Lexy Star in’Paddling In Pee’ at WetAndP…

Lexy Star in’Paddling In Pee’ at

Cute Pee Pervert Lexy Star, leaving little to the
imagination in her skimpy little outfit… and that’s before she pees through her
panties, making a nice wet patch in the grey material. The golden juices keep
flowing and flowing, until Lexy is sitting in a pissy puddle, which Lexy can’t
resist tasting.

She takes off her clothes and places them in a bowl before soaking
them through with another stream of hot piss. The bowl fills up nicely and Lexy
squeezes her special golden liquid into her mouth before she paddles – with her
feet splashing in the pee-filled bowl. Her socks are soaked through and as she takes
them off, she leaves them in the bowl, picking them up with her teeth and pours
her pee down over her body.

Naughty Lexy gets hold of a glass vase and sucks it… and
then fucks it by taking it deep into her pussy. She then catches more piss in
it before she takes it out to finish her stream by firing it up in the air and
across the room.

This blonde babe has a proper go of piss drinking, emptying her
full bladder into a vase before gulping it messily down her gullet. If you like
to see gorgeous gals gulping down their own piss, you need to see this scene,
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Andis in’Close-up Speculum Pee’ at WetAn…

Andis in’Close-up Speculum Pee’ at

Andis starts her scene suffering from severe pee
desperation. She is wearing tight denim hot-pants and needs to pee really
badly, but isn’t yet ready to piss all over the floor or herself. Instead, she
gets a small plastic bag from the sideboard and manages to take off her denims
before catches her clear piss as it gushes out between her legs.

All that lovely pee…

Suddenly, Andis turns into a Pee Pervert as she pierces the
bag with her teeth, letting her pee drizzle into her mouth and all over her
top, soaking it through to lovely tits. She lets her juices pour into her mouth and having tasted
her piss, this soaking wet babe takes off her top and squeezes every last drop
over herself.

Andis gets hold of a little pink vibrator and just to prove
that pee isn’t her only perversion, chooses to slide it deep into her tight ass
while she fingers her juicy pussy. While enjoying her sex toy, she fires
another stream of piss down onto the floor, happy to soak herself and the
furniture and the floor.

Lying on her back, this sexy babe gapes her pussy wide open
using a metal speculum and as we zoom in close, she fingers herself before
another stream of piss leaves her exposed urethra. You egt to see it up close
and personal in this vid!

All of this piss play has made Andis even hornier, so she feeds
a fat red dildo into her pussy and stands up to bring herself to orgasm. While
filling her pussy, she sprays a messy and powerful stream of piss into a glass
bowl… and as a finale, Andis pours her golden pee into her mouth and gives
herself another decent taste of piss. If you like pissing babes playing with
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Puppy in ‘Puppy in Blue’ at WetAnd…

Puppy in ‘Puppy in Blue’ at

Hot blonde Pee Pervert Puppy makes her wettest appearance
yet on WetAndPissy. She is in the bathroom dressed in an electric blue swimsuit
and is showing off her sexy body when suddenly she feels the urge to piss. Rather
than use the toilet, this naughty blonde sprays a stream of her piss all over
the floor, soaking the crotch of her swimsuit in the process. She catches her
golden stream in her hands and splashes it over her swimsuit before unbuttoning
the crotch to show off her pretty pussy.

Stripping out of her swimsuit, Puppy uses it to mop up her
juices and rubs the wet material all over her naked body. Feeling horny, this
sexy Pee Pervert hunts out a purple speculum which she uses while lying down on
a leather foot stool. She teases her wet pussy with it before inserting it deep
inside her pussy, showing off her clitoris and peehole to great effect before firing
a long, powerful stream of golden pee across the room.

Puppy gleefully splashes around in her puddle of piss and
then bends over on the footstool before toying her pussy with a blue vibrator.
Puppy gets a bowl and catches her piss in it, pouring the contents down over
herself and into her mouth before she continues her vibrator play.

Using a handheld massager against her clit, she enjoys the deep
penetration of her vibrator and just before she orgasms, she pulls out her
vibrator and shoots messy pee streams down onto the floor. If you want to see a
Pee Pervert going about her wet business (and thoroughly enjoying herself doing
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Jessica Lincoln in ‘Playful With Piss&rs…

Jessica Lincoln in ‘Playful With Piss’ at

Raven haired Pee Pervert Jessica Lincoln is in the mood for
some wet fun. She’s cleaning her lounge when she thinks of something else to
do. She rubs her pussy through her panties using her feather duster and
suddenly needs to pee so strongly that sits on the coffee table and wets her
panties. Her pee stream fairly shoots out of her hole, soaking both Jessica and
the coffee table in the process.

She has a bit of fun bouncing her ass in the puddle of her
golden juices before taking off her panties and using them to mop up her wet
mess. There is so much pee that her panties can’t even handle the volume of
piss, so Jessica squeezes her wet panties over her mouth, tasting her juices
and starts again.

Getting a taste for it, Jessica licks up more of her pee
from the coffee table before grabbing hold of some sex toys to have some more
satisfying fun. She pees over a red inflatable dildo before riding it… and
suddenly decides to stand on the coffee table in her socks, pissing out another
pissy puddle

Once Jessica is completely naked and drenched in her piss,
she moves over to the sofa where she lies back and enjoys toying her wet pussy
with a purple dildo. She enjoys herself so much when she tries to spray out a
post-orgasm piss stream, her pussy is too tired to cooperate.

Finally, Jessica gives herself a wash down with a
piss-soaked sponge… getting dirtier and dirtier as she mop up more of her pee
and rubs in on her tits, tummy and pussy. If this is your kind of ‘cleaning’,
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Oprah in ‘Busty Oprah’ at WetAndPi…

Oprah in ‘Busty Oprah’ at

Oprah is back on WetAndPissy three years since she last emptied
her bladder for our enjoyment. No longer a cute teenie, Oprah is a
sophisticated and stunning blonde who is as perverted about piss as ever. Oprah
is dressed in tight denim hot-pants and a white tank top and obviously loves to
tease as she rubs her crotch and strips down to her grey panties. Oprah
stretches her legs wide apart and after a few false starts, manages to wet her
panties. The crotch of Oprah’s panties becomes juicier and juicier as she writhes
around in her wet puddle… and obviously excited by the feel of the hot piss on
her skin, this Pee Pervert turns around on her chair and bounces her perfect
ass in her juices and then stands up, pulls off her piss-soaked wet panties and
takes a taste of her own pee

She plays with her piss, splashing it all over her white
tank top, giving herself a seriously sexy wet t-shirt look and all of this piss
play has turned Oprah on so much that the merest touch of her pussy is enough
to make her whole body shake.

Oprah starts to masturbate – fingering her pretty pussy, but
this Pervert needs to pee again, and manages to catch another pee stream in a
blue glass bowl which she places on the floor. She pours the contents into her
mouth, spitting them onto her tank top and then gets on the floor to dive into
her piss.

Pulling down her tank top, her massive tits look seriously hot
as she rubs a glass dildo between her cleavage! Oprah bends over and starts to
toy her soaking wet pussy. She stops and places the toy on the chair to piss
all over it before moving over to the sofa to finish herself off with her nice big

Finally, this stunning blonde catches another pee stream in
a big glass vase, pouring it right into her mouth and over her hair, enjoying a
piss drenched shower to finish off. If you want to see this sexy scene, head
over to now.

Francys Belle in’Tiny Wet Hot Pants’ at …

Francys Belle in’Tiny Wet Hot Pants’ at

Francys Belle returns to WetAndPissy wearing a pair of ridiculously
tiny denim hot-pants; when Francys bends over, they show more than they hide
and do nothing to interfere with the flow of hot piss which floods out from
between Francys pussy lips within seconds of the scene starting. Pee Perverts
will be gladdened to see her piss stream gushing from out the sides and through
those hottest of hot-pants.

Francys takes her pee-soaked denims off and uses them to mop
up her juices from the floor. She sucks on the pee=sodden material, tasting her
golden pee before using a metal speculum to gape her poor little pussy while
fingering herself. Another pee stream blasts out from her hole and Francys
catches this one in a big blue bowl. She splashes her hands in her collected
pee and then playfully pours the contents down over her tank top.

After rubbing her big boobs together, Francys strips
completely and fingers that hot wet pussy of hers, getting it ready for a bit
of abuse with a pussy pump. This kinky babe uses the toy to suck on her
luscious labia before filling the tube with more of her hot piss, which she
then pours into her mouth. She spits some of it down her naked body but has a
sneaky little swallow too.

Her fingering fun continues and Francys finishes herself off
with a purple vibrator, pausing only to fire a powerful and messy stream of
piss towards the camera. If you like to watch hot babes piss and play, you’ll
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