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Ashley Ocean and Isabella Chrystin in ‘G…

Ashley Ocean and Isabella Chrystin in ‘Girls Get Wet’ at

Stunning Pee Pervert Ashley Ocean is innocently lying on her
bed when Isabella Chrystin enters the room and gets turned on to the point
where she needs to empty her bladder all over her sexy lesbian lover. She
lifts-up her satin night gown, exposing her perfect pussy before raining her
piss all over Ashley.

Pee-soaked Ashley offers her pussy for a luscious licking…
and things suddenly get even wetter as she suddenly pisses forcefully straight
into Isabella’s mouth. These horny lesbians share piss-soaked kisses as they help
each other strip from their lingerie.

Isabella pees long and hard, spraying Ashley in the face and
these hot Pee Perverts finger each other as the piss sprays everywhere piss before
they take turns to orgasm with the help of a magic wand vibrator.

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Antonia Sainz in ‘Piss-Drenched Gym Gear…

Antonia Sainz in ‘Piss-Drenched Gym Gear’ at

Antonia Sainz gets back home after a party wearing a sexy red
dress and high heels but she’s ready for some sporty action, so gets changed
into her gym gear. Unfortunately, the tightness of her grey leggings means she
suddenly feels desperate to pee… and a filthy feeling takes hold of this Pee
–  instead of going to the loo,
or even stripping again, Antonia decides to kneel up on the glass table where
she starts peeing in her pants. Her pee stream flows down onto the table and
Antonia clearly loves the sensation of her wet leggings. She’s so horny that she
rips open the crotch so that she can touch her bare pussy.

After she has finished peeing, she tastes her juices on the
tips of her fingers and then dives into her puddle of pee. She takes off her
tank top and mops up the rest of her piss and squeezes it all over her breasts.

Once Antonia is completely naked, she uses some red tongs to
tease her pussy lips with then gapes herself wide apart. As she stands up and
spreads her pussy, Antonia releases another stream of golden piss down onto the
table, and licks her pee puddle.

Feeling the need for more pussy play, Antonia slides a blue rabbit
vibrator deep into her juicy pussy. While lying on the glass table, Antonia
pees again and abandons the you to take herself to orgasm with her fingers.

To finish the scene, Antonia pees into a jug and then serves
herself a glass of hot pee, which she drinks, before pouring the remaining
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Antonia Sainz and Jenifer Jane in ‘Geogr…

Antonia Sainz and Jenifer Jane in ‘Geography’ at

Antonia Sainz is back as a sexy student sitting in a
Geography lesson… however, it’s difficult to concentrate on a map of the world
when Jenifer is perched on a desk wearing a tiny skirt and no knickers. Antonia
can’t resist pushing Jenifer’s skirt up but she gets a surprise when Jenifer
leans back and showers her pupil with hot golden piss, soaking Antonia’s tank

Pee Pervert Jenifer licks up the pissy mess, starting with Antonia’s
wet legs and working her way up to her soaked tits… and then helps Antonia
strip naked. Antonia swaps places with her teacher and shows off what she has
leant by sitting on the desk and peeing all over Jenifer, and it isn’t long
before both pissing lesbians are naked together.

As Jenifer lies down on the desk, eager student Antonia
starts licking her pussy… and as she does, Jenifer shoots another stream of
piss towards Antonia’s mouth. Antonia gets her pussy pleasured in turn and as
her bladder fills, her teacher sits on the floor as naughty Antonia spreads her
legs while squatting on the desk and pisses into teacher’s mouth! Geography lessons
have never been so wet!

Teacher Jenifer instructs Antonia to look in a drawer of her
desk, and she pupil finds a purple vibrator which they both share.

Jenifer and Antonia catch their combined pee in a glass bowl
and using a sponge, soak up their juices before squeezing them out over each
other to finish this seriously hot pissing scene. If you want to see a teacher
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Pee Perverts: Wet White Jeans by Abigail Thorn…

Pee Perverts: Wet White Jeans by Abigail Thornton

An empty station and a full bladder turn into a very wet adventure for Daisy Adams. Trapped by her unwieldy suitcase, Daisy ends-up emptying her bladder just as Alistair arrives, and he had her down as such a sweet and innocent type.

Daisy proves that looks can be very deceiving and that Alistair’s first impression of her is wrong. So very, very wrong – which is how most people would describe Daisy’s behaviour.

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Puppy in ‘Puppy in Blue’ at WetAnd…

Puppy in ‘Puppy in Blue’ at

Hot blonde Pee Pervert Puppy makes her wettest appearance
yet on WetAndPissy. She is in the bathroom dressed in an electric blue swimsuit
and is showing off her sexy body when suddenly she feels the urge to piss. Rather
than use the toilet, this naughty blonde sprays a stream of her piss all over
the floor, soaking the crotch of her swimsuit in the process. She catches her
golden stream in her hands and splashes it over her swimsuit before unbuttoning
the crotch to show off her pretty pussy.

Stripping out of her swimsuit, Puppy uses it to mop up her
juices and rubs the wet material all over her naked body. Feeling horny, this
sexy Pee Pervert hunts out a purple speculum which she uses while lying down on
a leather foot stool. She teases her wet pussy with it before inserting it deep
inside her pussy, showing off her clitoris and peehole to great effect before firing
a long, powerful stream of golden pee across the room.

Puppy gleefully splashes around in her puddle of piss and
then bends over on the footstool before toying her pussy with a blue vibrator.
Puppy gets a bowl and catches her piss in it, pouring the contents down over
herself and into her mouth before she continues her vibrator play.

Using a handheld massager against her clit, she enjoys the deep
penetration of her vibrator and just before she orgasms, she pulls out her
vibrator and shoots messy pee streams down onto the floor. If you want to see a
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Jessica Lincoln in ‘Playful With Piss&rs…

Jessica Lincoln in ‘Playful With Piss’ at

Raven haired Pee Pervert Jessica Lincoln is in the mood for
some wet fun. She’s cleaning her lounge when she thinks of something else to
do. She rubs her pussy through her panties using her feather duster and
suddenly needs to pee so strongly that sits on the coffee table and wets her
panties. Her pee stream fairly shoots out of her hole, soaking both Jessica and
the coffee table in the process.

She has a bit of fun bouncing her ass in the puddle of her
golden juices before taking off her panties and using them to mop up her wet
mess. There is so much pee that her panties can’t even handle the volume of
piss, so Jessica squeezes her wet panties over her mouth, tasting her juices
and starts again.

Getting a taste for it, Jessica licks up more of her pee
from the coffee table before grabbing hold of some sex toys to have some more
satisfying fun. She pees over a red inflatable dildo before riding it… and
suddenly decides to stand on the coffee table in her socks, pissing out another
pissy puddle

Once Jessica is completely naked and drenched in her piss,
she moves over to the sofa where she lies back and enjoys toying her wet pussy
with a purple dildo. She enjoys herself so much when she tries to spray out a
post-orgasm piss stream, her pussy is too tired to cooperate.

Finally, Jessica gives herself a wash down with a
piss-soaked sponge… getting dirtier and dirtier as she mop up more of her pee
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bruce-and-morgan: I finally got around to mak…


I finally got around to making a video preview of one of our most popular clip ever, Piss and Cum Funnel #3

It embodies perfectly what we are about and what we do: lots of piss drinking with some sperm thrown in for good measure, me with a big smile on my face as I swallow it all and I touch myself… 😜

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– Morgan xx


Ali Bordeaux in ‘Pee Soaked Clothes&rsqu…

Ali Bordeaux in ‘Pee Soaked Clothes’ at

Brand new Pee Pervert Ali Bordeaux is standing near the
fireplace wearing skin-clinging leggings. Climbing onto the corner sofa, Ali
shows off her ass and then turns around before sliding her hands down into her
leggings to touch herself. Getting horny, this Pee Pervert decides to wet
herself and pees, enjoying the feeling of the wet heat flooding down the inside
of her thigh. She sits on the floor and pees some more before pulling off her
leggings and firing another stream of piss over them.

Ali mops up her puddle of pee using the leggings and eagerly
sucks her golden juices out of them, before squeezing out the remaining pee over
her pretty pussy. Her tender little pussy demands some attention and gets it, with
her fingers having a feel and a play. Ali tastes herself, and then squats over
a glass vase, peeing down into it. Ali dips her long black hair into her golden
pee and then sucks it. She pours the rest of her juices down over her head,
soaking her top through and through. Ali then pulls on her nipples and squeezes
her tits.

Once she is completely naked, Ali gapes her pussy apart with
a metal speculum and fucks her gaped vagina with a candle…  and as the camera zooms in really close, she
fires another stream of piss in a powerful arc across the room.

Once again, Ali dives into her wet puddle of pee and tastes
herself, enjoying the feel of her golden piss in mouth as she laps up off the
floor. This horny babe needs to orgasm and chooses a big black dildo to fill
her pussy before finally standing over the glass table and emptying her bladder
as the camera watches from underneath for a spectacular golden waterfall. If
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Jenifer Jane and Paris Devine  in ‘Copyc…

Jenifer Jane and Paris Devine  in ‘Copycats’ at

Sexy blonde Paris Devine is teasing on her bed when she
realises her stunning brunette girlfriend Jenifer Jane is watching from behind
a sheer curtain. Jenifer comes into the room and these gorgeous girls get
intimate with each other, starting with a passionate kiss. Paris slides her
hand down into Jenifer’s denim skirt and helps her to take it off before
touching her pussy. She lies down on the bed and Jenifer sits up on the headboard,
spraying a stream of piss down onto Paris’ sexy body. Her white outfit turns
sheer and Jenifer, being a true Pee Pervert licks her own juices off Paris before
spitting them into her mouth.

Jenifer climbs on top of Paris and gets her pussy licked
before they switch positions and Paris enjoys covering washing Jenifer’s body with
a hot golden shower. Both girls get naked and Jenifer pees into Paris’ hands,
and then Paris bends over and does the same. Jenifer pours this warm golden
piss over Paris and then these pissing lesbians get to work with a big black
dildo. Firstly, Jenifer gets to enjoy this sex toy and wets all over the
bed sheets while Paris tries to catch the golden pissy droplets in her mouth.
Then Paris gets her turn and Jenifer enjoys the taste of her girl’s piss.

These horny pissing pornstars catch their piss in a blue
glass bowl before pouring their mixed juices over each other before sharing a
double ended dildo. As a finale, they go pussy-to-pussy and piss all over each
other’s sexy, satisfied bodies. If you want to watch this sexy scene, head over
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