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Ali Bordeaux in ‘Pee Soaked Clothes&rsqu…

Ali Bordeaux in ‘Pee Soaked Clothes’ at

Brand new Pee Pervert Ali Bordeaux is standing near the
fireplace wearing skin-clinging leggings. Climbing onto the corner sofa, Ali
shows off her ass and then turns around before sliding her hands down into her
leggings to touch herself. Getting horny, this Pee Pervert decides to wet
herself and pees, enjoying the feeling of the wet heat flooding down the inside
of her thigh. She sits on the floor and pees some more before pulling off her
leggings and firing another stream of piss over them.

Ali mops up her puddle of pee using the leggings and eagerly
sucks her golden juices out of them, before squeezing out the remaining pee over
her pretty pussy. Her tender little pussy demands some attention and gets it, with
her fingers having a feel and a play. Ali tastes herself, and then squats over
a glass vase, peeing down into it. Ali dips her long black hair into her golden
pee and then sucks it. She pours the rest of her juices down over her head,
soaking her top through and through. Ali then pulls on her nipples and squeezes
her tits.

Once she is completely naked, Ali gapes her pussy apart with
a metal speculum and fucks her gaped vagina with a candle…  and as the camera zooms in really close, she
fires another stream of piss in a powerful arc across the room.

Once again, Ali dives into her wet puddle of pee and tastes
herself, enjoying the feel of her golden piss in mouth as she laps up off the
floor. This horny babe needs to orgasm and chooses a big black dildo to fill
her pussy before finally standing over the glass table and emptying her bladder
as the camera watches from underneath for a spectacular golden waterfall. If
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Jenifer Jane and Paris Devine  in ‘Copyc…

Jenifer Jane and Paris Devine  in ‘Copycats’ at

Sexy blonde Paris Devine is teasing on her bed when she
realises her stunning brunette girlfriend Jenifer Jane is watching from behind
a sheer curtain. Jenifer comes into the room and these gorgeous girls get
intimate with each other, starting with a passionate kiss. Paris slides her
hand down into Jenifer’s denim skirt and helps her to take it off before
touching her pussy. She lies down on the bed and Jenifer sits up on the headboard,
spraying a stream of piss down onto Paris’ sexy body. Her white outfit turns
sheer and Jenifer, being a true Pee Pervert licks her own juices off Paris before
spitting them into her mouth.

Jenifer climbs on top of Paris and gets her pussy licked
before they switch positions and Paris enjoys covering washing Jenifer’s body with
a hot golden shower. Both girls get naked and Jenifer pees into Paris’ hands,
and then Paris bends over and does the same. Jenifer pours this warm golden
piss over Paris and then these pissing lesbians get to work with a big black
dildo. Firstly, Jenifer gets to enjoy this sex toy and wets all over the
bed sheets while Paris tries to catch the golden pissy droplets in her mouth.
Then Paris gets her turn and Jenifer enjoys the taste of her girl’s piss.

These horny pissing pornstars catch their piss in a blue
glass bowl before pouring their mixed juices over each other before sharing a
double ended dildo. As a finale, they go pussy-to-pussy and piss all over each
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Camilla Moon in ‘Coming Back For More&rs…

Camilla Moon in ‘Coming Back For More’ at

Pee Pervert Camilla Moon makes a welcome return to WetAndPissy
after really enjoying filming her previous pissing videos. She is wearing tight
faded denim jeans and pink high heels and is so turned on that she can’t resist
lifting-up her cropped top and rubbing her sensitive boobs. She slides her
hands into her denims and touches herself before she stands up with one leg on
the table. Suddenly a wet patch starts to spread down the inside of her left leg
as she Camilla starts pissing herself. She takes off her high heels and bends
over on the table with her legs spread open.

Taking off her jeans, Camilla licks her pissy patch, tasting
her golden pee then puts them to one side as she takes hold of a purple
vibrator and teases her nipples… before suddenly aiming a stream of piss into a
glass in a holder attached to the white tiles. She takes the piss-filled glass
in her hands and pours her pee over her top, soaking herself through before taking
some piss into her mouth, which she spits out playfully.

Camilla decides to start fucking her pee-soaked pussy with
her vibrator while standing up, leaning against the wall. Having changed
positions, Camilla starts to move more frantically and suddenly her pussy explodes,
showering piss all over the table. She dives into those sexy juices and for her
grand finale, catches more of her piss in a glass jug, pouring it all over her
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Lady Dee in ‘Piss Tasting Blowjob’…

Lady Dee in ‘Piss Tasting Blowjob’ at

Pee Pervert Lady Dee is trying to get her guy’s attention as
she gets ready in front of the mirror, and after popping a pair of bunny ears
on her head, she walks over to the sofa and gets him to help her pull down her
hot-pants. She places them on his crotch and pisses all over them. Afterwards,
kinky Lady Dee bends over to lick her golden juices off his crotch and as she
gets onto her knees she takes out his cock and gives him a mind-numbing

Her man takes a step back and pisses into her mouth, letting
his hit liquid flow all over her pretty face. He aims his dick lower and covers
Lady Dee in with a hot golden shower, with his piss covering her tits and

Lady Dee climbs on top of his cock and rides him while
spreading her pussy lips apart then takes his big dick from her pussy to her
mouth, tasting even more of his piss as he aims it into her mouth. Bending over,
Lady Dee takes his cock even deeper into her soaking wet pussy and then lifts
one leg, pissing into his hands, before lapping it all up herself. Lady Dee shows
her submissive side as this kinky couple continue to fuck, holding out a glass,
eager for her man to fill it with his pee… which she then tastes and drinks before
showing off her blowjob skills once again. To finish her sex session, Lady Dee demands
her man’s spunk and he delivers it via a seriously messy facial. If you like a good
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Tera Link and Vany Ully at VIPissy.comVany Ull…

Tera Link and Vany Ully at

Vany Ully is naturally dominant and immediately kisses Tera
before unbuttons her hot pants and sliding her hand inside to have a quick feel
of what is going to be hers any moment soon. She pulls down Tera’s hot pants hungrily
licks her lover’s pussy… only pausing to kneel up and take a stream of Tera’s
golden piss all over her top. Tera’s pissy pussy continues to be treated to some
serious licky loving as this Pee Pervert goes in for a taste of her girl’s

Vany then stands over her lover and sprays her own golden
juices through her own hot pants and onto Tera who catches them with her hands
cupped together. Both girls decide it’s the right time to get naked and once
their bare bodies are on full show, Vany licks Tera’s pussy some more and ups
the naughtiness by taking Tera piss straight into her eager mouth.

For the foot lovers out there, Tera catches Vany’s next pee
stream in one of her high heels and then pours the golden juices all over her
naked body. It’s then time for these girls to get down to some serious pussy pleasuring
and Tera uses a purple vibrator in numerous positions before the same lucky toy
is pressed deep into Vany’s pussy while still covered with Tera’s pussy juices
and pee.

As Vany gets her pussy filled, she sprays another stream of
her piss in Tera’s direction. These stunning babes decide that once they have
both orgasmed, they will collect their pee simultaneously in a huge glass vase.
They playfully enjoy the shared piss cocktail, lapping and licking as they pour
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Sandra Bell at WetAndPissy.comSandra Bell make…

Sandra Bell at

Sandra Bell makes a big splash on WetAndPissy with her
gushing pissing pussy. After only only a few seconds on the purple couch,
this Pee Pervert drops her pants and loses her shoes, climbs onto the table and squats
over her jeans before pushing out a hefty piss stream right, soaking them
through. She sucks on the jeans and licks the table briefly and then she’s off having
another piss, with one knee on the cushions and one leg up in the air, Sandra
gives us another powerful piss stream.

A black dildo driven deep into her pussy helps drive her to higher
pleasures and is accompanied by a much messier piss with urine spraying in
every direction. A large bowl provides her with a chance to relieve herself one
more time… and she’s quick to pout the piss all over herself. If you want to
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Katy Rose in ‘Peeing Beauty’ at WetAndPissy.comPee…

Katy Rose is back for seconds on WetAndPissy. Wearing
a set of green shorts and top with light coloured pantyhose, Katy pisses powerfully
with piss pouring out of her shorts and onto the bed. Once she is out of her
shorts, Katie sucks on them and the wet bed sheet.

Getting ready to pee again, she lies back on the bed still
wearing her pantyhose and spreads her legs with her knees up and outward. Her
new wet spot on the bed gets some attention after stripping down to her

Once Katy is fully nude, she pees doggie style onto a rubber
dildo. Katy, having enjoyed herself peeing through her shorts and pantyhose,
looks like she feels even sexier and fucks herself ahrd and deep before peeing with
obvious delight, tilting her head back in ecstasy as her fountain fires out
from between her legs.

Finally, the highlight of the scene: after peeing into a
plastic bag, Katy punctures it with her teeth and plays games with her own pee
spraying into her mouth and onto her body. She blows a sweet little kiss at
everyone, knowing that she’s done a good job of turning everyone on. If you
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Two young brunette sluts take a face full of hot piss directly…

Two young brunette sluts take a face full of hot piss directly from the cock

Jessica Lincoln at VIPissy.comJessica is seriously into selfie…

Jessica is seriously into selfie pics and videos as well.
She’s looking to do something new when her friend walks into the room and
offers a bonus to her little project – how would see like to watch as he pisses
on her, and into her mouth? Jessica is keen and carefully frames the shot as he
pisses into her mouth. She tries to keep a steady hand but begins to lose focus
as she gets soaked with hot piss.

Jessica gives her friend a nice dick shower and fully
turned-on, she’s desperate to get that hard cock inside her pissy pussy. The
hot fucking pauses only to exchange more piss, with powerful and sustained
streams from both bladders as Jessica and her friend piss all over each other…
and Jessica is so horny that she even licks her fella’s asshole before wanking
his eager cock into her open mouth.

What better way to compliment a load of thick cum than with
a piss chaser? Jessica washes herself in his stream of piss, laughing as he
catches her with a sharp, powerful spurt. If you want to see this horny pee
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