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Francys Belle and Lucia Denvile  in ‘Mis…

Francys Belle and Lucia Denvile  in ‘Mischievous Lucia’ at

Francys Belle is enjoying a little snooze while naked when mischievous
Lucia Denvile enters the bedroom and decides to wake her up with a golden
shower. Having brought Francys’ nipples to attention with a little light
licking, she stands on the bed with the crotch of her bodysuit pulled to one
side and sprays a fountain of piss down onto Francys! Luckily, Francys is a Pee
and eagerly accepts the wet wake-up call, pulling back the covers to
expose her body to the hot piss.

Lucia starts to lick her pussy and after kissing her, she
lies down on the bed with Francys standing above her, ready to get a taste of
her own pissy medicine – what a treat!

Francys helps Lucia to get naked and goes down on her too,
but naughty Lucia decides to fire another stream of her golden pee directly
into Francys’ mouth, giving her friend’s mouth a proper drenching.

These gorgeous Pee Perverts get hold of a glass bowl which
Francys holds underneath Lucia, catching even more piss. Francys tops it up
with her own pee, mixing their golden juices together before they playfully use
a pipette to squirt their piss cocktail over each other. Lucia goes one step
further and pours the remaining juices over Francys and these horny girls share
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Jenifer Jane and Jesica Bell  in ‘Fancy …

Jenifer Jane and Jesica Bell  in ‘Fancy A Drink?’ at

Pee Pervert Jenifer Jane can’t resist fantasising about
sharing a glass of piss with her friend, Jesica… and fantasy quickly becomes
reality as Jesica walks in on her with two glasses of golden juice already
prepared. Watching these two gorgeous girls indulge in a serious piss drink is
super sexy – they’re both eager to drink every last drop of pee. Jenifer pours
the bowl of collected piss all over Jesica’s top and then licks over the
wet-fabric-covered nipples before helping her to friend to strip. Once Jesica
is naked, she stands on the sofa and gives Jenifer a hot golden shower.

Jesica is eager for a taste of her friend’s pussy and goes
down on Jenifer… and it’s not enough to lick her labia – she uses a metal
speculum to get inside her sexy friend. Jenifer sprays a stream of piss into
Jesica’s mouth and Jesica returns the favour.

Phew! These pissing lesbians sure love to take turns, so it’s
no surprise to see how they share a purple vibrator. Jesica puts her mouth over
Jenifer’s pissing pussy before these stunning babes choose to finish off their sexy
session the way they started it – downing another glass of golden piss. If you
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Emylia Argan and Lexi Dona in ‘The Pedic…

Emylia Argan and Lexi Dona in ‘The Pedicure’ at

Stunning Pee Pervert Lexi Dona is back on VIPissy and this
time she is playing pissy games with her friend Emylia. Emylia gets the golden
juices flowing as she offers to give Lexi a pedicure when she suddenly suffers a
bout of pee desperation. Instead of heading to the toilet, Emylia decides to
have a little bit of fun after all piss is meant to be very good for the skin.
She pisses over Lexi’s feet and licks some of it up as she sucks Lexi’s toes.

These gorgeous girls kiss and things get a lot more heated
as Emylia helps Lexi out of her denim hot-pants before Lexi lifts her pissing
pussy off the sofa and gives Emylia a hot golden shower, completely soaking her
friend’s pale pink tank top.

Emylia starts to lick Lexi’s dripping wet pussy, and as both
girls get naked, Lexi returns the favour… getting a mouthful of Emylia’s golden
juices. Getting a taste for piss, Lexi lies on her back and as Emylia licks her
pussy, Lexi pees in an arc back over her own head… but not to worry, she soon
gets her aim right and splashes it all over her own face.

Filling a vase with both girls’ pee, they pour the cocktail
all over each other before enjoying some big sex toys to get themselves off. If
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Claudia Macc and Vany Ully  in ‘Passiona…

Claudia Macc and Vany Ully  in ‘Passionate Peeing’ at

Gorgeous Pee Perverts Claudia Macc and Vany Ully return home
for some kinky fun and waste no time in getting started; they kiss as they
enter the lounge and Claudia starts to undress Vany as she lies down on the
sofa. After stripping down to their panties, Vany lies on a glass coffee table
while Claudia stands above her and pulls her panties to one side. She starts to
spray a stream of her golden pee over Vany’s panties, soaking them through with
her warm juices before moving her stream up Vany’s toned body… and then licks
the crotch of Vany’s panties so that she can taste herself.

Once Vany is naked, Claudia briefly licks her pussy but
wants to experience lesbian pissing showers herself so she sits on the floor
while Vany pees all over Claudia’s body, soaking through her tank top. Claudia
bends over on the table while Vany treats her to some deep oral action, then
these wet porn babes enjoy sharing a purple beaded dildo.

They take turns using it on each other and while each of
their pussies is filled with this little sex toy, they piss into each other’s
mouths. Next Vany uses a pussy pump on Claudia’s pussy, catching another pee
stream and pours the contents over Claudia’s tits and toned tummy, and in her

Using a purple vibrator, this kinky couple get each other
off before they sit and aim pee simultaneous streams at each other’s pissing
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Cayla and Victoria Pure in ‘Distracting …

Cayla and Victoria Pure in ‘Distracting With Piss’ at

Stunning blonde Victoria is reading quietly minding her own
business when her sexy friend Cayla enters the room wearing only a towel. She
wants to get Victoria’s attention, so she sits on the back of the sofa and
sprays a stream of golden piss over Victoria’s hot pink minidress. Victoria
sits there, eagerly taking the piss all over her body… and even offers her
glasses for a wetting. Cayla really
wants to play, so she licks the pee off Victoria’s dress then helps her to undress.

These gorgeous girls lick and suck Cayla’s juices from
Victoria’s dirty dress and then enjoy giving each other a hot and wet lesbian
69. Victoria shoots her own powerful pee stream, which Cayla tries to taste before
both girls catch another stream of pee in a glass bowl that they place on the
sofa. Their piss splashes everywhere but
once they have enough captured, they pour it over each other.

Victoria continues to lick Cayla’s pretty pussy and enjoys the
taste of her lover’s piss as Cayla sprays another stream into her mouth. Their
fingers work overtime as they tease and please each other, breaking only for
more piss play.

Victoria and Cayla finish off by filling a couple of glasses
with their hot piss and these Pee Perverts drink down a couple of mouthful of their golden
juices before pouring the remaining pee over each other’s faces. If you want to
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Amanda Estela and Vicky Love  in ‘Time F…

Amanda Estela and Vicky Love  in ‘Time For A Shower’ at

Stunning Pee Perverts, Amanda Estela and Vicky love are
kissing on the sofa and getting very turned on in their ripped minidresses.
Amanda briefly opens her legs, inviting Vicky to brush her hand against
Amanda’s pussy as she stands to shower Amanda with her golden piss, spraying it
all over her dress before eagerly sucking her own juices back out of it.

Helping Amanda strip naked, she caresses her body before taking
her turn at spraying out a golden shower, sitting high up on the back of the
sofa as she pees all over Vicky.

With both girls naked, Amanda treats horny Vicky to some
pussy licking before she leans back and takes another golden shower with plenty
of pee on gorgeous tits. Soaking wet Vicky then licks Amanda’s pussy before she
gets sprayed again as well.

These stunning babes take turns spreading their vaginas wide
with a metal speculum and of course they’re eager to pee – firing hot pissy
streams into each other’s mouths as the cruel metal holds their tender flesh

The girls soothe their aching pussies with a purple vibrator
before washing each other down with a final golden shower. If you want to see
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Dafne in ‘Piss Fuck Buddies’ at VI…

Dafne in ‘Piss Fuck Buddies’ at

Brunette babe Dafne makes a hot, wet return to VIPissy. Her
guy is lying on the bed relaxing but this Pee Pervert won’t let him rest as she
climbs on top of him and showers him with a stream of her golden pee. She laps
up her own juices from his chest, before making her way to his crotch where she
takes out his cock and starts sucking on it.

Dafne kneels down and with her mouth a wide-open inviting
target, her guy pisses into her mouth, giving her a taste of piss as he drenches
her with piss. She demonstrates her blowjob technique before standing above him
and pissing all over his dick once again… and then feeding it into her hungry piss-slippery
pussy and riding it hard.

This hot couple carry on peeing and fucking in various
positions before Dafne makes her man come all over her face, taking a messy
facial which is soon washed off with another refreshing stream of golden piss.
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Antonia Sainz and Ariadna in ‘Can U Give…

Antonia Sainz and Ariadna in ‘Can U Give Me Drink?’ at

Stunning Pee Pervert Antonia Sainz is in the kitchen wearing
only an apron when her gorgeous girlfriend Ariadna arrives and takes a seat at
the kitchen table. Asking for a drink of water, Ariadna is oblivious to the
fact that her naughty girlfriend is concocting a naughty drink of her own as
the tap runs – Antonia fills the wine glass with her own golden piss. Antonia
hands the special drink over to Ariadna who takes a sip and immediately
realises that it isn’t what she asked for. “This isn’t water. What is it?”

“My pee!” Antonia declares with a cheeky smile. “Do you like

“I love it!” Ariadna is quick to drink down every golden
drop… and then stands-up, towering dominantly over her sexy girlfriend. She pulls
the chord on Antonia’s apron, and then forces her to her knees and showers her
with a bladder-full of hot piss.

Antonia sits up on the counter, soaked in pee and returns the
golden shower to a still-dressed Ariadna, soaking her top through and through.
Ariadna starts to lick Antonia’s pee drenched pussy and once both girls are
naked, Antonia helps Ariadna fill a glass of her warm piss before Antonia reluctantly
swallows a little.

Using some kitchen tongs, Antonia gets her pussy gaped open
and aims another stream of her piss into a gravy boat, which is emptied over
her face and tits. Ariadna gets her turn too and with these stunning girls
feeling really horny, they grab the closest thing to hand to fuck their hot,
wet pussies. Using a carrot that Antonia had already peeled for dinner, Antonia
gets her pussy filled. Ariadna enjoys something a bit bigger and fills her
pussy with a cucumber.

To end the scene, these most perverted of perverts each fire
a final stream of golden pee into a glass bowl and pour the contents over their
gleaming bodies. If you want to see this hot, wet scene, head over to now.

Miky Love and Nicol Love in ‘Massage Sur…

Miky Love and Nicol Love in ‘Massage Surprise’ at

Gorgeous Pee Pervert Miky Love is waiting to give Nicol Love
a special massage. She starts to oil up Nicol’s naked back and then feels the
need to piss all over Nicol. Relaxed Nicol doesn’t seem to be putting up a fight,
so Miky licks her own pissy juices from her back then kisses her, hoping to
take things further.

Nicol turns over, and as Miky removes the towel from her
most intimate parts, she continues her massage, oiling up Nicol’s pussy. Miky
holds an empty glass, inviting Nicol to empty her bladder… and Nicol obliges by
spraying a stream of golden piss into it, and then letting Miky pour the
contents back over her naked, oiled up body.

Using a metal speculum, Miky spreads Nicol’s wet pussy.
While her hole is gaped wide apart, Miky starts pissing inside the sexy pink
folds of her labia, trying to fill her tight little vagina. She licks and sucks
on Nicol’s soaking pussy lips before Nicol decides to repay some of these
sexual favours. She inserts the speculum deep into Miky’s pussy and stretches the
walls of her vagina wide apart before filling her up with some of her own
golden piss. Nicol licks Miky’s pee drenched pussy too and then Miky kneels up
on the massage table, while Nicol sits on the floor with her mouth open, eager
to taste more of Miky’s hot piss.

The brief taste of piss turns Miky on so much that she fucks
herself with a flesh like dildo, and Nicol follows close behind while Miky pees
all over her. This massage is a Pee Pervert’s dream and you’ll be dreaming all
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Anie Darling and Tera Link  in ‘Pussy Li…

Anie Darling and Tera Link  in ‘Pussy Licking Pissing’ at

There is nothing better that two Pee Perverts getting acquainted
as you’ll see when Anie Darling and Tera Link start kissing passionately. The
piss starts flowing as Tera squats above Anie and wets her panties, letting her
golden juices stream all over Anie’s pink tank top and down onto her panties
too. Tera licks her juices off Anie’s panties and after Anie takes off her
panties, Tera starts to lick her wet pussy.

It’s Tera’s turn to get wet, and as she lies down on the
sofa, Anie sits above her and pisses all over her toned stomach. Anie helps
Tera out of her now-sodden panties to treat her to some hot pussy licking and then
these horny pissing lesbians get naked together.

Moving on to share their sex toys, Tera gets first pick and chooses
the blue rabbit vibrator which Anie uses while continuing to lick Tera’s clit.
Tera switches positions so that she is riding on Anie’s tongue and then Anie
gets the pussy-licking treatment too. After Tera is finished with her sex toy,
she pisses into Anie’s hands, leaving Anie to pour the golden juices all over
Tera’s back.

Anie gets her turn with the vibrator and while standing,
releases another stream of piss into Tera’s hands too before Tera licks the
remaining pee from her pussy. Next these naughty girls pee simultaneously into
glasses, pouring their juices over each other. Of course, there’s still time
for a little bit more licking and pussy pissing. You really won’t want to miss
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