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Paulina Soul in ‘Sweet Soul Pisser&rsquo…

Paulina Soul in ‘Sweet Soul Pisser’ at

Paulina Soul is teasing when she suddenly feels the urge to
pee… this Pee Pervert climbs up onto the sofa with her legs spread wide and
starts peeing her pants. A big wet patch appears in the crotch of her jeans,
growing bigger by the second as this naughty pissing nymph empties her bladder
without bothering to undress first.

The camera zooms in close and captures every golden drip as
it falls onto the ruined leather sofa. Paulina touches her crotch, licking her piss-coated
fingers clean.

Clearly getting turned on, this hot babe peels herself out
of her wet clothes and then holds a glass vase under her pretty pussy, pissing
right into it. Her golden nectar fills the container to the top and Paulina
pours it into her mouth, clearly enjoying the salty tang. Pouring the rest over
her top, the sultry sweetheart strips her clothes and fills her pussy with a
red dildo.

After a bit of pussy pounding, Paulina pees while in the
doggy position, forcing that pee stream all over the leather sofa… and then kneels
in her puddle of piss. She dives right in, stopping only when she feels the
call of one final piss. Filling a cocktail glass with golden pee, Paulina hesitantly
swallows a couple of mouthfuls of pee. Clearly pleased with herself, Paulina
plays with her tits and spreads her ass cheeks to expose her pussy and arsehole
for one last time. If you don’t see this scene, you’re missing out.

Vany Ully and Victoria Pure  in ‘Girls G…

Vany Ully and Victoria Pure  in ‘Girls Get Wet’ at

Sexy blonde Victoria Pure is reading when her favourite brunette
comes into the room in a very short dress. Vany is in the mood for some fun and
kisses Victoria who… seems engrossed in her reading. Trying to get Victoria’s
attention, Vany lifts her leg up onto the footstool where Victoria is sitting
and pisses all over Victoria and her
book. These stunning Pee Perverts lick Vany’s golden juices from the cover, and
then Vany helps Victoria slip out of her dress before the girls switch places
and naked Victoria aims her piss over Vany’s dress and onto her bare pussy.

Victoria sucks her pee out of Vany’s clothes and spits it over
Vany. Vany enjoys some pussy play as Victoria slides golden Ben Wa balls into
her juicy vagina, and then Vany fires another pee stream into Victoria’s hands.

Victoria gets to enjoy the golden balls too but chooses to
lie down on the footstool for her vaginal pleasure. Extensive pussy licking takes
place, interspersed with more golden showers before these horny babes share a
vibrator – which they take turns using on each other.

Finally, the girls simultaneously catch their pee streams in
fluted glasses, enjoying a little piss drinking before they spit pee all over
each other’s shiny, sexy bodies. If you like gorgeous girls engaging in lesbian
watersports action, you’ll love this scene from

Angella Luxx in ‘Soaking The Tabletop&rs…

Angella Luxx in ‘Soaking The Tabletop’ at

Beautiful blonde Pee Pervert Angella Luxx is the latest
addition to the WetAndPissy club, making a very wet debut with a very full
bladder. She holds her crotch tightly and looks little like she might be
suffering with pee desperation as she strips out of her hotpants. Angella
squats on the wooden coffee table and with her legs spread wide apart takes
obvious joy as she sprays her pissy juices all over the tabletop.

Using her hotpants to mop up some of her golden juices, she
sucks on the soaked material, taking a first taste of her own golden nectar…
which makes Angella so horny that she can’t resist rubbing her pussy while
sitting in her piss puddle.

Wanting to play with more of her piss, she stands up and
sprays another stream into a glass vase. This kinky babe pours the contents
down over her tank top and into her mouth.

Feeling refreshed, Angella takes off her wet tank top and
squeezes it over her bare pussy, and then toys herself with a massive flesh-like
dildo. Angella takes a piss break and aims another messy stream onto the coffee
table while lying on the sofa and afterwards she brings herself to a hard orgasm
with her sex toy. You’ll need a hard orgasm after watching this sexy scene over

Ashley Ocean and Isabella Chrystin in ‘G…

Ashley Ocean and Isabella Chrystin in ‘Girls Get Wet’ at

Stunning Pee Pervert Ashley Ocean is innocently lying on her
bed when Isabella Chrystin enters the room and gets turned on to the point
where she needs to empty her bladder all over her sexy lesbian lover. She
lifts-up her satin night gown, exposing her perfect pussy before raining her
piss all over Ashley.

Pee-soaked Ashley offers her pussy for a luscious licking…
and things suddenly get even wetter as she suddenly pisses forcefully straight
into Isabella’s mouth. These horny lesbians share piss-soaked kisses as they help
each other strip from their lingerie.

Isabella pees long and hard, spraying Ashley in the face and
these hot Pee Perverts finger each other as the piss sprays everywhere piss before
they take turns to orgasm with the help of a magic wand vibrator.

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