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Amanda Estela & Emma in ‘Pissy Pussy…

Amanda Estela & Emma in ‘Pissy Pussy Licking’ at

Emma and Amanda are best friends and their love is clear to
see as Emma is kneeling on the floor giving Amanda a foot massage. She oils-up
her friend’s feet and legs… and then decides to cover Amanda’s feet with some
very special golden juices as she pees all over them. After she has finished
peeing, Amanda uses her sexy feet to rub against Emma’s pussy lips and Emma
starts to lick her own juices from them, enjoying the taste of her own piss.

Amanda helps Emma out of her top and pours oil over her
back. She massages it into her skin and then pulls her panties to one side
while squatting over Emma. She pees over Emma’s back and laps up her pee too.

These gorgeous pissing lesbians help each other out of their
panties and Emma sits on Amanda’s face. She gets treated to some very intimate licking
before spraying Amanda with more streams of pee right in her friend’s open

Amanda wants her turn too, so sits up on the back of the
sofa while Emma licks her eager pussy. She fires a powerful stream of piss into
Emma’s mouth and over her hot body.

The Pee Perverts take turns using a glass bottle as a sex
toy… and filling it with piss. But then they get really dirty… using a plastic
funnel that they insert into their vaginas, they pour their pee back inside!

After toying each other with a flesh-like dildo, these
gorgeous girls fill glass jars with more piss. Amanda makes hers a cocktail by
pouring some of Emma’s pee into her jar before the girls drink to their health and
wash themselves down with the remaining golden nectar. If you want to see this
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Stacy Sommers in ‘Tattooed Pee Play&rsqu…

Stacy Sommers in ‘Tattooed Pee Play’ at

Stacy Sommers might be new to piss play but it seems like
she might be a natural as starts immediately grabs hold of a glass vase, places
it between her spread legs and fills it with pee. Stacy instantly proves
herself to be a Pee Pervert as she pours the vase of pee down over her top and
into her mouth.

This raven haired-hottie takes off her clothes and sucks
them, getting another taste of her golden pee then lies back and vigorously fingers
her pussy, making her soft tits jiggle with her enthusiasm.

She gapes her pussy open and sprays a curving stream of piss
all over herself and the sofa, looking like she is enjoying every minute of self-soaking.

Afterwards, she fills her pussy with a massive inflatable black dildo
and licks her own juices off, stopping only to bend over and piss all over her
toy. Stacy continues to fuck her pussy hard and frigs her clitoris at the same
time taking herself to a wonderful little orgasm.

This leaves just enough time to piss into a cocktail glass (more
piss than the glass can hold) and she takes a drink, gagging slightly in doing
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Tera Link in ‘Wet Toys For Tera’ a…

Tera Link in ‘Wet Toys For Tera’ at

Gorgeous Pee Pervert Tera Link looks sexier than ever, so
you can hardly blame the girl for touching herself in a very seductive way… all
over her small tits and long legs. Bending over the sofa, Tera shows off her
ass, which is barely hidden by a pair of tiny pink shorts. As if the view wasn’t
sexy enough, Tera stands up and starts wetting herself, with streamers of
golden pee running down her leg and soaking her socks.

Sitting on the sofa, she paddles in her pee puddle, having
lots of fun as her feet get soaked with her golden juices. Afterwards, Tera
takes off her socks and squeezes them out over her head with the juice dripping
down into her mouth.

Taking off her panties, Tera tastes her own juices as she
sucks the sodden fabric and that makes Tera even hornier and she decides that
she needs some relief. Finding a metal speculum and grabbing hold of a glass
goblet, Tera inserts the speculum into her pussy, gaping herself wide open and
then fires another long pee stream into the goblet, showing impressive aim. She
stirs her golden nectar with the speculum before licking it clean and then
pours the rest of her piss over her head, drenching herself.

Lying upside down on the sofa, Tera fills her hungry pussy
with a textured dildo. Masturbating at the same time, Tera pauses to piss all
over herself, making quite a splash as her pee hits her tits and toned stomach.

Now lying on her side, she continues her dildo play,
masturbating frantically until she orgasms. Finally, Tera catches one more
stream of piss in her bowl and pours it into her mouth, drinking and spitting
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Anna Ray in ‘Innocent Piss Drinker&rsquo…

Anna Ray in ‘Innocent Piss Drinker’ at

It might be Anna Ray’s first time on but this
cute blonde is ready and raring to piss. Climbing on top of the coffee table,
this pocket-sized Pee Pervert spreads her legs and happily pees through her
grey leggings. The crotch of her leggings gets darker and darker as more and
more pee soaks through them and streams down onto the table top.

Anna peels herself out of her leggings and sits in her
puddle of pee, still proudly wearing her pee-soaked panties. She rubs the
soiled crotch and takes a taste from her juicy fingers. After she takes off her
panties, Anna squeezes them out over her cropped top, soaking herself even more…
and then starts stuffing her wet panties into her pussy.

This naughty blonde is certainly in the mood for some fun
and she gets hold of a glass bottle and plastic funnel. Standing over the bottle
Anna pees again, using the funnel to guide every drop of her pee into the
bottle… and she reverses the use of the funnel as she pops it into her and
pours her golden nectar in, leading to a little piss drink – gulping it down
like a complete pro. For someone who looks so innocent, Anna is certainly happy
to show us her filthy side.

This naughty hottie pours the rest of her pee over her hair,
and then strips naked to enjoy sucking and fucking some golden Ben Wa balls!
She starts to pee while they are still inserted into her hole and gushes all
over the table.

Anna needs an orgasm as gets herself off with her fingers.
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Giorgia Roma in ‘Aiming Those Streams&rs…

Giorgia Roma in ‘Aiming Those Streams’ at

Giorgia Roma is looking to establish herself as a Pee
in her debut scene at She walks into the lounge and
starts to tease in her tiny denim hot-pants and camo bodysuit, showing off her
long legs before she walks sexily over to the sofa and strips out of her
shorts. She climbs onto the sofa, and with one leg in the air, she starts
peeing through the crotch of her bodysuit. Her golden juices run down her leg
and onto the grey fabric beneath her while she rubs her pissing pussy… and then
licks her pissy fingers clean.

She takes off her bodysuit and, once she is naked “relaxes”
on the sofa – i.e. masturbates and fingers her pussy. After a while, she gapes
her pussy lips wide apart and shoots another stream of piss directly at the
camera. She looks like she is enjoying this playful pissing side of her
personality and gives her pussy a good workout before getting some red tongs to
stretch that hungry pussy of hers even wider.

Changing positions, Giorgia lies on the sofa and attempts to
pee over herself, aiming right at her face. A couple of spurts are perfectly-aimed
and she giggles as she gives herself a piss facial. Keeping those streams
firing, she decides to fill her pussy with a huge red dildo and pees over the
sofa again.

Giorgia really gets herself hot with her sex toy and this
hot brunette can’t resist finishing off in style, so indulges us with a spot of
piss drinking before pouring the remaining golden liquid over her head. If you
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Ariel Wuze in ‘Golden Sauna’ at We…

Ariel Wuze in ‘Golden Sauna’ at

Ariel Wuze is getting wet in the sauna in more ways than
one. This Pee Pervert is getting seriously horny and quickly removes her towel
and starts to touch her pretty, shaved pussy. Having an extra-naughty thought, Ariel
stands up and aims a stream of her golden piss at the glass wall of the sauna…
and then licks up her golden juices. And this is just the start…

Getting out of the sauna, Ariel uses her towel to mop up her
piss puddle and then squeezes the tangy-tasting juices into her mouth and over
her hot naked body. After some solo pussy play, Ariel takes the wooden sauna
bucket and puts it to pissy use as she places it underneath herself to catch
the contents of her bladder as she pisses right into it. Ariel wants to feel the
heat of it and pours her golden pee over her hair and into her mouth.

She sits back on her towel and gapes her wet pussy apart
with a red speculum, using it as a sex toy as well as a way of stretching her
lips apart to the max… which she needs to do for what she’s got planned. After
a quick, refreshing pee, Ariel fills her pussy with a monster-sized black
dildo. How she squeezes it up there at all, let alone fucks herself with it…
phew! It’ll leave you breathless.

After such a deep, satisfying fucking, needs a dirty climax
and gives the scene a filthy one as she pisses into a posh glass vase and takes
a long drink. You’ll need a long drink after watching this scene over at

Paulina Soul in ‘Sweet Soul Pisser&rsquo…

Paulina Soul in ‘Sweet Soul Pisser’ at

Paulina Soul is teasing when she suddenly feels the urge to
pee… this Pee Pervert climbs up onto the sofa with her legs spread wide and
starts peeing her pants. A big wet patch appears in the crotch of her jeans,
growing bigger by the second as this naughty pissing nymph empties her bladder
without bothering to undress first.

The camera zooms in close and captures every golden drip as
it falls onto the ruined leather sofa. Paulina touches her crotch, licking her piss-coated
fingers clean.

Clearly getting turned on, this hot babe peels herself out
of her wet clothes and then holds a glass vase under her pretty pussy, pissing
right into it. Her golden nectar fills the container to the top and Paulina
pours it into her mouth, clearly enjoying the salty tang. Pouring the rest over
her top, the sultry sweetheart strips her clothes and fills her pussy with a
red dildo.

After a bit of pussy pounding, Paulina pees while in the
doggy position, forcing that pee stream all over the leather sofa… and then kneels
in her puddle of piss. She dives right in, stopping only when she feels the
call of one final piss. Filling a cocktail glass with golden pee, Paulina hesitantly
swallows a couple of mouthfuls of pee. Clearly pleased with herself, Paulina
plays with her tits and spreads her ass cheeks to expose her pussy and arsehole
for one last time. If you don’t see this scene, you’re missing out.

Vany Ully and Victoria Pure  in ‘Girls G…

Vany Ully and Victoria Pure  in ‘Girls Get Wet’ at

Sexy blonde Victoria Pure is reading when her favourite brunette
comes into the room in a very short dress. Vany is in the mood for some fun and
kisses Victoria who… seems engrossed in her reading. Trying to get Victoria’s
attention, Vany lifts her leg up onto the footstool where Victoria is sitting
and pisses all over Victoria and her
book. These stunning Pee Perverts lick Vany’s golden juices from the cover, and
then Vany helps Victoria slip out of her dress before the girls switch places
and naked Victoria aims her piss over Vany’s dress and onto her bare pussy.

Victoria sucks her pee out of Vany’s clothes and spits it over
Vany. Vany enjoys some pussy play as Victoria slides golden Ben Wa balls into
her juicy vagina, and then Vany fires another pee stream into Victoria’s hands.

Victoria gets to enjoy the golden balls too but chooses to
lie down on the footstool for her vaginal pleasure. Extensive pussy licking takes
place, interspersed with more golden showers before these horny babes share a
vibrator – which they take turns using on each other.

Finally, the girls simultaneously catch their pee streams in
fluted glasses, enjoying a little piss drinking before they spit pee all over
each other’s shiny, sexy bodies. If you like gorgeous girls engaging in lesbian
watersports action, you’ll love this scene from

now that is a drinker

now that is a drinker

Antonia Sainz in ‘Piss-Drenched Gym Gear…

Antonia Sainz in ‘Piss-Drenched Gym Gear’ at

Antonia Sainz gets back home after a party wearing a sexy red
dress and high heels but she’s ready for some sporty action, so gets changed
into her gym gear. Unfortunately, the tightness of her grey leggings means she
suddenly feels desperate to pee… and a filthy feeling takes hold of this Pee
–  instead of going to the loo,
or even stripping again, Antonia decides to kneel up on the glass table where
she starts peeing in her pants. Her pee stream flows down onto the table and
Antonia clearly loves the sensation of her wet leggings. She’s so horny that she
rips open the crotch so that she can touch her bare pussy.

After she has finished peeing, she tastes her juices on the
tips of her fingers and then dives into her puddle of pee. She takes off her
tank top and mops up the rest of her piss and squeezes it all over her breasts.

Once Antonia is completely naked, she uses some red tongs to
tease her pussy lips with then gapes herself wide apart. As she stands up and
spreads her pussy, Antonia releases another stream of golden piss down onto the
table, and licks her pee puddle.

Feeling the need for more pussy play, Antonia slides a blue rabbit
vibrator deep into her juicy pussy. While lying on the glass table, Antonia
pees again and abandons the you to take herself to orgasm with her fingers.

To finish the scene, Antonia pees into a jug and then serves
herself a glass of hot pee, which she drinks, before pouring the remaining
contents over her head. If you want to see Antonia’s pissy gym routine, head to now.