Alyssa Reece in ‘Pissing In Fishnets&rsq…

Alyssa Reece in ‘Pissing In Fishnets’ at

One of the truly great Pee Perverts makes a return to after four long years. There’s nothing to hide as Alyssa rocks
a crotch-less red fishnet body stocking and Alyssa is clearly in a playful mood
as she bends over the leather couch and spanks her ass. She gives her juicy
pussy a rub, digging those fingers between her puffy lips before sucking her
fingers clean. Tasting her sex juices gets Alyssa horny and after moving the
glass table to a better position, she stands over it and sprays a stream of her
hot golden piss over the table.

Alyssa dips her fingers into the puddle and takes a taste dipping
her long brown hair into her pee puddle and sucking the pee-soaked hair into
her mouth. She laps up some piss directly from the table top and then swipes
the puddle so it splashes all over her body before settling down onto the sofa
with her legs up in the air and starts to masturbate.

After giving her swollen clit a good rub, Alyssa fires
another stream of piss up into the air – aiming it accurately towards the
camera. She keeps pissing all over herself while the camera zooms in close to
capture the pretty detail of her pussy.

Bending over into doggy position, Alyssa uses a purple
speculum to gape her pussy and then works out how to piss into a glass vase given
that her arc of piss shoots half way across the room. Filling the vase to the
top with golden nectar, Alyssa eagerly pours the contents over her tits and head,
giving herself a nice golden shower.

After she finishes playing with her speculum she uses a big dildo
to stretch her tiny little vagina, sliding it between her pee soaked pussy

After giving herself a shuddering orgasm, Alyssa is keen to
share one final pee stream with us. If you want to share this super-hot and
sexy scene, head over to now.


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