Alyssa Reece and Kate Fresh in ‘Piss Soa…

Alyssa Reece and Kate Fresh in ‘Piss Soaked Hot Pants’ at

Horny newcomer Kate Fresh is totally turned on as she crawls
over to Pee Pervert extraordinaire Alyssa Reece. The girl’s denim hot pants
barely cover her puffy pussy as she moves and the material offers no resistance
as Kate gets over excited and starts to pee all over her gorgeous gal pal. Alyssa
loves it and simply leans back and catches the hot piss in her hands.

Kate licks Alyssa’s piss-soaked clothes and then these
pissing lesbians switch places, allowing Alyssa to return the pissy favour,
wetting her panties and showering Kate at the same time.

These stunning girls help each other get out of their pee-soaked
clothes… but that’s only so they can enjoy more naughty pissing games together.

Alyssa holds a glass goblet underneath Kate’s pussy as she
stands there and pisses right into it. Alyssa then tops it up with her own pee
and they start to play with their pissy cocktail by dipping their hair into it and
flicking it over each other’s tits before pouring the contents over each other.

Since they are super horny, the girls decide to play hide the
dildo, and Kate gets to go first, taking the dildo deep into her tight vagina. She
stops to piss all over Alyssa, and then gets on her knees to lick Alyssa’s
trimmed pussy with her pierced tongue. Yum!

As a wet finale, the girls kneel on the coffee table and
empty their bladders once again, and then slide around in their combined pool
of pee. If you want to see Alyssa Reece pissing and playing with another gal
pal, head over to now.


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