Ali Bordeaux in ‘Pulsating Orgasms&rsquo…

Ali Bordeaux in ‘Pulsating Orgasms’ at

Brunette beauty Ali Bordeaux is dressed in fishnet pantyhose
and a tank. She’s eager to show off her trimmed pussy… and the rest of her
tattooed body. She starts by playing with her tiny tits and quickly gets
herself into an exited lather… and being a Pee Pervert, she decides to give her
top a piss wash – taking it off and placing it on the glass table so that she
can spray a stream of golden piss all over it. Her copious juices drench her
top and Ali squeezes them into her mouth and down over her sensational body.

After bending over and teasing her pussy with her fingers,
Ali gets a glass goblet and kneels up on the table before she starts pussy
pissing into it. There’s no way she is going to fill it, but Ali makes sure
that she empties every golden drop, so she’s got something to play with besides
her pretty pussy. She gets a pipette and sucks some of the piss into the tube,
inserts it into her pussy, and gives herself a special wash, firing her golden
piss up into her hole. She keeps squeezing her pee over her trimmed pussy and
then licks up her juices from the table, clearly eager to taste her own piss.

Her hair gets drenched too as Ali rubs it in her pissy
puddle and this horny babe lies on her side in her wet mess while fingering her
pussy and sucking her fingers clean. She lies back with her legs in the air and
rips her pantyhose apart, firing pulsating streams of piss down onto the table
and over the edge while the camera zooms in for a close-up on her pissing

After pounding her hungry pussy with a glass dildo, Ali
switches into things round with her bum in the air before she speeds things up
and makes herself come… and has a final bit of wet fun as she stands there, peeing
all over the floor. If you want to share in Ali’s fun, head over to now.


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