Jennifer Mendes in ‘Perfect Curves&rsquo…

Jennifer Mendes in ‘Perfect Curves’ at

Raven haired hottie Jennifer Mendes has curves in all the
right places and is more than happy to show them off. Dressed in tight hot-pants
and a tank top, Jennifer oozes sex appeal… and she’s soon oozing piss into her
hot pants as she gives in to the sudden urge to pee. She holds her crotch as her
bladder starts to pulse but sits down to enjoy the feel of peeing in her pants.

Jennifer takes off her tank top and uses it to mop up the
puddle of pee she has created on the floor… and then squeezes the juices out
all over her big boobs. She stays on the floor and rubs her pussy through her
wet panties before taking them off and masturbating.

This Pee Pervert decides things aren’t wet enough, so pees
again, this time while standing up, aiming her stream over a glass chair. Jennifer
laps up her golden piss and spits if back down over her nipples before tipping
the pool of piss all over her naked body.

Feeling really horny, Jennifer toys herself with a golden
vibrator and then pees over her clothes before stretching her piss-soaked tank
top back over her slippery tits. She catches one final piss stream in a
watering can and gives herself a well-deserved pissy shower to cool down after
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