Antonia Sainz and Jenifer Jane in ‘Geogr…

Antonia Sainz and Jenifer Jane in ‘Geography’ at

Antonia Sainz is back as a sexy student sitting in a
Geography lesson… however, it’s difficult to concentrate on a map of the world
when Jenifer is perched on a desk wearing a tiny skirt and no knickers. Antonia
can’t resist pushing Jenifer’s skirt up but she gets a surprise when Jenifer
leans back and showers her pupil with hot golden piss, soaking Antonia’s tank

Pee Pervert Jenifer licks up the pissy mess, starting with Antonia’s
wet legs and working her way up to her soaked tits… and then helps Antonia
strip naked. Antonia swaps places with her teacher and shows off what she has
leant by sitting on the desk and peeing all over Jenifer, and it isn’t long
before both pissing lesbians are naked together.

As Jenifer lies down on the desk, eager student Antonia
starts licking her pussy… and as she does, Jenifer shoots another stream of
piss towards Antonia’s mouth. Antonia gets her pussy pleasured in turn and as
her bladder fills, her teacher sits on the floor as naughty Antonia spreads her
legs while squatting on the desk and pisses into teacher’s mouth! Geography lessons
have never been so wet!

Teacher Jenifer instructs Antonia to look in a drawer of her
desk, and she pupil finds a purple vibrator which they both share.

Jenifer and Antonia catch their combined pee in a glass bowl
and using a sponge, soak up their juices before squeezing them out over each
other to finish this seriously hot pissing scene. If you want to see a teacher
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