Cayla and Lola Shine in ‘Sauna Escapades…

Cayla and Lola Shine in ‘Sauna Escapades’ at

Cayla Lyons and Lola Shine are two stunning Pee Perverts who
obviously think that a sauna is not hot and wet enough without spraying piss
all over each other. As they climb out of the sauna, Cayla lifts up her leg,
offering Lola a taste of her juicy twat… which gets significantly juicier as
Cayla releases a stream of her golden pee all over her friend.

Lola returns the favour after some more serious pussy-licking
and then they move over to the massage table and Lola lies down on it while
Cayla shoots another stream of piss over her fit body.

It’s now Cayla’s turn to offer up some expert pussy licking,
and during Lola’s oral pleasure, she pees over Cayla, giving her a thorough soaking.

These horny blonde babes take turns fucking each other with a
beaded glass dildo before they both aim their pee streams simultaneously into
the wooden bowl used for the sauna. They pour their combined pee over each
other using a wooden spoon and they look fully refreshed by the wet, pissy experience.
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