Emylia Argan and Nicol Love in ‘Piss The…

Emylia Argan and Nicol Love in ‘Piss Therapy’ at VIPissy.com

Stunning Nicol Love has come in for some special therapy
with Emilya Argan. Just how special is quickly revealed as Emilya closes
Nicol’s eyes, lifts her skirt sprays a stream of her hot golden piss all over
Nicol’s outfit. This obviously startles Nicol, but being a Pee Pervert herself,
she happily lets Emilya continue peeing on her… and even starts to lick
Emilya’s piss-soaked pussy.

With the professional barriers having well and truly fallen,
Emilya licks Nicol’s wet top and helps her out of her denim hot-pants before encouraging
Nicol to empty her bladder all over her therapist as Emilya lies on the floor between
Nicol’s legs.

These pissing lesbians help each other get out of their
remaining wet clothes and as Nicol bends over the desk, Emilya buries her face
between Nicol’s buttocks and feasts on her patient’s pissy pussy. Their piss
exchange continues as Nicol inserts a purple speculum into Emilya’s pussy,
gaping it wide apart while Emilya shoots another stream of piss into Nicol’s

Next, Emilya treats Nicol to some pussy pump fun and she
fills it with her own golden streams. Finally, these stunning babes take turns
with a purple beaded dildo and get each other off to finish off a heavy session
of lesbian pissing. Nicol’s sure to be back for a follow-up appointment… but you
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