Ashley Ocean in ‘Wet The Bed’ at W…

Ashley Ocean in ‘Wet The Bed’ at

Ashley Ocean is relaxing on her bed, feeling rather horny
while dressed in white lingerie and lace topped stockings. She slides her hand
down to her panties and rubs her hungry pussy through them before she pulls
them to one side and releases a messy stream of golden piss all over the
bed sheets and her stockings, soaking them through. She takes off her panties
and while lying on her wet bed sheets, Ashley masturbates and fingers herself. She
bends over and starts to lick her own juices from the fabric beneath her –
proving herself to be a total Pee Pervert.

Getting hold of a red speculum, she inserts into her slippery
pussy, gaping it wide as she pees again onto her bed, this time bent over on
all fours. She plays with her fresh golden juices, making sure to cover her whole
body in them before she uses a nipple pump on both her nipples and her clit.

While pumping herself, Ashley needs to pee again so catches
more of her golden nectar in the tube. Ashley pours it into her mouth, giving
her a sexy taste of piss which turns her on so much that she needs to fuck
herself with a glass dildo.

To finish off, Ashley catches another messy stream of pee in
a vase and pours it all over her face, and into her mouth. If you want a taste
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