Lexy Star in’Paddling In Pee’ at WetAndP…

Lexy Star in’Paddling In Pee’ at WetAndPissy.com

Cute Pee Pervert Lexy Star, leaving little to the
imagination in her skimpy little outfit… and that’s before she pees through her
panties, making a nice wet patch in the grey material. The golden juices keep
flowing and flowing, until Lexy is sitting in a pissy puddle, which Lexy can’t
resist tasting.

She takes off her clothes and places them in a bowl before soaking
them through with another stream of hot piss. The bowl fills up nicely and Lexy
squeezes her special golden liquid into her mouth before she paddles – with her
feet splashing in the pee-filled bowl. Her socks are soaked through and as she takes
them off, she leaves them in the bowl, picking them up with her teeth and pours
her pee down over her body.

Naughty Lexy gets hold of a glass vase and sucks it… and
then fucks it by taking it deep into her pussy. She then catches more piss in
it before she takes it out to finish her stream by firing it up in the air and
across the room.

This blonde babe has a proper go of piss drinking, emptying her
full bladder into a vase before gulping it messily down her gullet. If you like
to see gorgeous gals gulping down their own piss, you need to see this scene,
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