Andis in’Close-up Speculum Pee’ at WetAn…

Andis in’Close-up Speculum Pee’ at

Andis starts her scene suffering from severe pee
desperation. She is wearing tight denim hot-pants and needs to pee really
badly, but isn’t yet ready to piss all over the floor or herself. Instead, she
gets a small plastic bag from the sideboard and manages to take off her denims
before catches her clear piss as it gushes out between her legs.

All that lovely pee…

Suddenly, Andis turns into a Pee Pervert as she pierces the
bag with her teeth, letting her pee drizzle into her mouth and all over her
top, soaking it through to lovely tits. She lets her juices pour into her mouth and having tasted
her piss, this soaking wet babe takes off her top and squeezes every last drop
over herself.

Andis gets hold of a little pink vibrator and just to prove
that pee isn’t her only perversion, chooses to slide it deep into her tight ass
while she fingers her juicy pussy. While enjoying her sex toy, she fires
another stream of piss down onto the floor, happy to soak herself and the
furniture and the floor.

Lying on her back, this sexy babe gapes her pussy wide open
using a metal speculum and as we zoom in close, she fingers herself before
another stream of piss leaves her exposed urethra. You egt to see it up close
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All of this piss play has made Andis even hornier, so she feeds
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filling her pussy, she sprays a messy and powerful stream of piss into a glass
bowl… and as a finale, Andis pours her golden pee into her mouth and gives
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