Victoria Daniels and Julia Parker in ‘Do…

Victoria Daniels and Julia Parker in ‘Dominoes’ at

Gorgeous Pee Pervert Victoria Daniels is playing dominoes
with her blonde best friend Julia Parker who more interested in emptying her
bladder than winning the game. She decides to make things a lot wetter and
stands by the glass table, spraying a stream of her hot golden piss down onto
the playing pieces. Victoria knows all about piss play and isn’t surprised by
her best friend’s behaviour and even turns to face Julia to catch her piss in
her hands and gets her blue top completely drenched in golden juices. Julia
licks her way up Victoria’s wet body and helps her take off her pee-soaked
clothes before Victoria stands over her friend and returns the pissy favour

Once both girls are naked, Victoria licks Julia’s pussy as
Julia fires another stream of piss directly into Victoria’s mouth. Julia lies down
on the glass coffee table and Victoria decides to ride her face, before peeing
right into Julia’s face.

These pissing lesbians can’t get enough of each other’s golden
juices – as is demonstrated as the girls catch a cocktail of their piss in a
glass vase. This hot combination of piss is then poured over their hair and
faces, soaking them through and through.

Both girls are in the mood to orgasm, and take turns with a
white vibrator while peeing into each other’s hands. They agree that pissing is
definitely more fun than playing dominoes… and you will too after seeing this
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