Puppy in ‘Puppy in Blue’ at WetAnd…

Puppy in ‘Puppy in Blue’ at WetAndPissy.com

Hot blonde Pee Pervert Puppy makes her wettest appearance
yet on WetAndPissy. She is in the bathroom dressed in an electric blue swimsuit
and is showing off her sexy body when suddenly she feels the urge to piss. Rather
than use the toilet, this naughty blonde sprays a stream of her piss all over
the floor, soaking the crotch of her swimsuit in the process. She catches her
golden stream in her hands and splashes it over her swimsuit before unbuttoning
the crotch to show off her pretty pussy.

Stripping out of her swimsuit, Puppy uses it to mop up her
juices and rubs the wet material all over her naked body. Feeling horny, this
sexy Pee Pervert hunts out a purple speculum which she uses while lying down on
a leather foot stool. She teases her wet pussy with it before inserting it deep
inside her pussy, showing off her clitoris and peehole to great effect before firing
a long, powerful stream of golden pee across the room.

Puppy gleefully splashes around in her puddle of piss and
then bends over on the footstool before toying her pussy with a blue vibrator.
Puppy gets a bowl and catches her piss in it, pouring the contents down over
herself and into her mouth before she continues her vibrator play.

Using a handheld massager against her clit, she enjoys the deep
penetration of her vibrator and just before she orgasms, she pulls out her
vibrator and shoots messy pee streams down onto the floor. If you want to see a
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