Jessica Lincoln in ‘Playful With Piss&rs…

Jessica Lincoln in ‘Playful With Piss’ at

Raven haired Pee Pervert Jessica Lincoln is in the mood for
some wet fun. She’s cleaning her lounge when she thinks of something else to
do. She rubs her pussy through her panties using her feather duster and
suddenly needs to pee so strongly that sits on the coffee table and wets her
panties. Her pee stream fairly shoots out of her hole, soaking both Jessica and
the coffee table in the process.

She has a bit of fun bouncing her ass in the puddle of her
golden juices before taking off her panties and using them to mop up her wet
mess. There is so much pee that her panties can’t even handle the volume of
piss, so Jessica squeezes her wet panties over her mouth, tasting her juices
and starts again.

Getting a taste for it, Jessica licks up more of her pee
from the coffee table before grabbing hold of some sex toys to have some more
satisfying fun. She pees over a red inflatable dildo before riding it… and
suddenly decides to stand on the coffee table in her socks, pissing out another
pissy puddle

Once Jessica is completely naked and drenched in her piss,
she moves over to the sofa where she lies back and enjoys toying her wet pussy
with a purple dildo. She enjoys herself so much when she tries to spray out a
post-orgasm piss stream, her pussy is too tired to cooperate.

Finally, Jessica gives herself a wash down with a
piss-soaked sponge… getting dirtier and dirtier as she mop up more of her pee
and rubs in on her tits, tummy and pussy. If this is your kind of ‘cleaning’,
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