Angel Wicky and Katy Sky in ‘Golden Blon…

Angel Wicky and Katy Sky in ‘Golden Blondes’ at

Angel Wicky and Katy Sky are both in very horny moods and have
already shed their underwear as they start kissing. Angel starts to touch Katy’s
pussy before Katy stands above her and sprays a stream of her golden piss all
over Angel’s top, soaking her big boobs beneath. Angel has a quick lick of
Katy’s pussy to get a taste of her nectar, and then as Katy lies down on the
bed, Angel hovers above her to shower her in piss too.

Now that both Pee Perverts are covered in piss, they help
each other take off their tank tops suck on the delicious juices from the
sodden fabric. Katy bends over on the bed allowing Angel to slide a big black
dildo into her pussy, and once she has finished, Katy pees into Angel’s hands.
These pissing lesbians love to share and Angel gets her turn with their sex toy
before pissing all over Katy’s perky tits.

Angel wants a little more from Katy and kneels on the bed urging
Katy to pee again, this time through a glass tube and straight into Angel’s
mouth. Yum. Of course, Katy wants to give this a try too and is so horny
afterwards that she has to use a powerful magic wand vibrator to satisfy her
pussy – while releasing yet another pee stream.

She licks Angel’s pussy and lets her gal pal have a go with
this amazing sex toy before Angel pisses right into her mouth, leaving both of
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