Oprah in ‘Busty Oprah’ at WetAndPi…

Oprah in ‘Busty Oprah’ at WetAndPissy.com

Oprah is back on WetAndPissy three years since she last emptied
her bladder for our enjoyment. No longer a cute teenie, Oprah is a
sophisticated and stunning blonde who is as perverted about piss as ever. Oprah
is dressed in tight denim hot-pants and a white tank top and obviously loves to
tease as she rubs her crotch and strips down to her grey panties. Oprah
stretches her legs wide apart and after a few false starts, manages to wet her
panties. The crotch of Oprah’s panties becomes juicier and juicier as she writhes
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ass in her juices and then stands up, pulls off her piss-soaked wet panties and
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She plays with her piss, splashing it all over her white
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play has turned Oprah on so much that the merest touch of her pussy is enough
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Oprah starts to masturbate – fingering her pretty pussy, but
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blue glass bowl which she places on the floor. She pours the contents into her
mouth, spitting them onto her tank top and then gets on the floor to dive into
her piss.

Pulling down her tank top, her massive tits look seriously hot
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Finally, this stunning blonde catches another pee stream in
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