Francys Belle and Lucia Denvile  in ‘Mis…

Francys Belle and Lucia Denvile  in ‘Mischievous Lucia’ at

Francys Belle is enjoying a little snooze while naked when mischievous
Lucia Denvile enters the bedroom and decides to wake her up with a golden
shower. Having brought Francys’ nipples to attention with a little light
licking, she stands on the bed with the crotch of her bodysuit pulled to one
side and sprays a fountain of piss down onto Francys! Luckily, Francys is a Pee
and eagerly accepts the wet wake-up call, pulling back the covers to
expose her body to the hot piss.

Lucia starts to lick her pussy and after kissing her, she
lies down on the bed with Francys standing above her, ready to get a taste of
her own pissy medicine – what a treat!

Francys helps Lucia to get naked and goes down on her too,
but naughty Lucia decides to fire another stream of her golden pee directly
into Francys’ mouth, giving her friend’s mouth a proper drenching.

These gorgeous Pee Perverts get hold of a glass bowl which
Francys holds underneath Lucia, catching even more piss. Francys tops it up
with her own pee, mixing their golden juices together before they playfully use
a pipette to squirt their piss cocktail over each other. Lucia goes one step
further and pours the remaining juices over Francys and these horny girls share
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