Emylia Argan and Lexi Dona in ‘The Pedic…

Emylia Argan and Lexi Dona in ‘The Pedicure’ at VIPissy.com

Stunning Pee Pervert Lexi Dona is back on VIPissy and this
time she is playing pissy games with her friend Emylia. Emylia gets the golden
juices flowing as she offers to give Lexi a pedicure when she suddenly suffers a
bout of pee desperation. Instead of heading to the toilet, Emylia decides to
have a little bit of fun after all piss is meant to be very good for the skin.
She pisses over Lexi’s feet and licks some of it up as she sucks Lexi’s toes.

These gorgeous girls kiss and things get a lot more heated
as Emylia helps Lexi out of her denim hot-pants before Lexi lifts her pissing
pussy off the sofa and gives Emylia a hot golden shower, completely soaking her
friend’s pale pink tank top.

Emylia starts to lick Lexi’s dripping wet pussy, and as both
girls get naked, Lexi returns the favour… getting a mouthful of Emylia’s golden
juices. Getting a taste for piss, Lexi lies on her back and as Emylia licks her
pussy, Lexi pees in an arc back over her own head… but not to worry, she soon
gets her aim right and splashes it all over her own face.

Filling a vase with both girls’ pee, they pour the cocktail
all over each other before enjoying some big sex toys to get themselves off. If
you want to see two hot brunettes pissing all over themselves and each other,
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