Claudia Macc in ‘So Many Streams’ …

Claudia Macc in ‘So Many Streams’ at

Claudia Macc is wearing seriously tight denim jeans which
cling to her every curve even before she squats on the leather sofa and starts
peeing her pants. Her crotch gets soaked with her golden liquid and Claudia
places her hand down to catch some of her pee before tasting it. Once she has
finished, Pee Pervert Claudia licks her juices off the sofa, and then strips
naked before wiping her jeans along the floor, soaking them in her puddle. She
licks and sucks her denim, then wastes no time in getting back onto the sofa
and gaping her pussy apart to finger herself.

Claudia inserts Ben-Wa balls into her pussy and decides to try
and pee with them inside her – catching another of her pee streams in a blue
glass bowl as she pissing while standing, pulling her golden balls out of her
pussy half way through her piss. Once the bowl is full, Claudia gets on the
floor and laps it up, spitting it back into the bowl playfully, before pouring
it all over her head.

This drenches Claudia completely and turns her on so much
that after she gets back onto the sofa, Claudia toys her wet pussy with a thick
dildo, pausing only to piss all over her sex toy… and then she continues to
fuck herself silly.

Finally, this piss loving babe catches a bladder-full of
piss stream in a vase, pouring it into her mouth and over her face in an
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