Antonia Sainz and Ariadna in ‘Can U Give…

Antonia Sainz and Ariadna in ‘Can U Give Me Drink?’ at

Stunning Pee Pervert Antonia Sainz is in the kitchen wearing
only an apron when her gorgeous girlfriend Ariadna arrives and takes a seat at
the kitchen table. Asking for a drink of water, Ariadna is oblivious to the
fact that her naughty girlfriend is concocting a naughty drink of her own as
the tap runs – Antonia fills the wine glass with her own golden piss. Antonia
hands the special drink over to Ariadna who takes a sip and immediately
realises that it isn’t what she asked for. “This isn’t water. What is it?”

“My pee!” Antonia declares with a cheeky smile. “Do you like

“I love it!” Ariadna is quick to drink down every golden
drop… and then stands-up, towering dominantly over her sexy girlfriend. She pulls
the chord on Antonia’s apron, and then forces her to her knees and showers her
with a bladder-full of hot piss.

Antonia sits up on the counter, soaked in pee and returns the
golden shower to a still-dressed Ariadna, soaking her top through and through.
Ariadna starts to lick Antonia’s pee drenched pussy and once both girls are
naked, Antonia helps Ariadna fill a glass of her warm piss before Antonia reluctantly
swallows a little.

Using some kitchen tongs, Antonia gets her pussy gaped open
and aims another stream of her piss into a gravy boat, which is emptied over
her face and tits. Ariadna gets her turn too and with these stunning girls
feeling really horny, they grab the closest thing to hand to fuck their hot,
wet pussies. Using a carrot that Antonia had already peeled for dinner, Antonia
gets her pussy filled. Ariadna enjoys something a bit bigger and fills her
pussy with a cucumber.

To end the scene, these most perverted of perverts each fire
a final stream of golden pee into a glass bowl and pour the contents over their
gleaming bodies. If you want to see this hot, wet scene, head over to now.