Amanda Estela in ‘Amanda in the Mirror&r…

Amanda Estela in ‘Amanda in the Mirror’ at

Sexy Pee Pervert Amanda Estela knows how to tease. Dressed
in a short pink skirt Amanda is quick to show off her grey panties… although
she doesn’t tease for long as she pulls those panties to one side to show us
her pussy before spraying a stream of piss down onto the mirror through the
crotch of her panties. She touches the wet material and then tastes her juices,
continuing her long pee stream which trickles down her leg.

Amanda plays with her piss puddle on the mirror and laps it
up with her tongue, tasting lots of her golden pee before taking off her skirt
and panties and sitting down on the mirror, fingering herself while the camera
zooms in for a close-up of her deliciously pissy pussy.

She sprays another stream of piss in an arc up over the
mirror, proving just how powerful her pee muscles are… catching her juices,
Amanda flicks them up over her top and then takes it off to mop up her piss. Eager
for another taste, Amanda squeezes the piss out of her top all over her face,
giving herself a pee shower and then fills a glass bowl with even more of her
juices, pouring the contents all over herself.

Thoroughly soaked with piss, Amanda is seriously horny and
gets a flesh-like dildo to use on her tight pussy. She fucks herself with her
sex toy and makes herself orgasm before firing one final piss stream down onto
the floor. If you don’t see this sexy scene, you’re missing out.