Victoria Daniels in ‘Getting Wet To Orga…

Victoria Daniels in ‘Getting Wet To Orgasm’ at

Victoria Daniels loves playing with piss and she’s eager to
display her pissing prowess as she teases in the lounge in a tight tank top and
light grey leggings. She gives us a brief glimpse of her natural tits and ass
before she bends over on the sofa with her curvy ass in the air. Afterwards,
Victoria balances with one foot on each sofa and with her legs spread wide
apart, she starts wetting her leggings, letting a big pee stream flow through
her crotch and onto the floor beneath her.

Pee Pervert Victoria uses her leggings to mop up her golden
juices from the floor then sucks them, tasting her pee and spitting it back out
over her juicy tits. Once she is completely naked, Victoria fucks her pussy
with a metal speculum and then gapes herself wide apart, firing another piss
stream down onto the floor. This one flows with some power behind it and the
camera zooms right in catch all the hot, pissy action.

Soon Victoria is completely drenched as she plays with her
puddle on the floor and as she sits down, she starts to finger her wet pussy,
licking her fingers to enjoy her juices in a different way. Using a jelly dildo,
this stunning brunette lies back on the sofa and slides it into her pussy to
pleasure herself.

Then she picks out a yellow-tinted vase, and catches one
final piss stream from her slippery pussy and drinks it before pouring the
remaining contents over her hair. She soon moves back to her jelly dildo but
this time she sensually toys herself in the doggy-style position. If you want
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