Miky Love and Nicol Love in ‘Massage Sur…

Miky Love and Nicol Love in ‘Massage Surprise’ at VIPissy.com

Gorgeous Pee Pervert Miky Love is waiting to give Nicol Love
a special massage. She starts to oil up Nicol’s naked back and then feels the
need to piss all over Nicol. Relaxed Nicol doesn’t seem to be putting up a fight,
so Miky licks her own pissy juices from her back then kisses her, hoping to
take things further.

Nicol turns over, and as Miky removes the towel from her
most intimate parts, she continues her massage, oiling up Nicol’s pussy. Miky
holds an empty glass, inviting Nicol to empty her bladder… and Nicol obliges by
spraying a stream of golden piss into it, and then letting Miky pour the
contents back over her naked, oiled up body.

Using a metal speculum, Miky spreads Nicol’s wet pussy.
While her hole is gaped wide apart, Miky starts pissing inside the sexy pink
folds of her labia, trying to fill her tight little vagina. She licks and sucks
on Nicol’s soaking pussy lips before Nicol decides to repay some of these
sexual favours. She inserts the speculum deep into Miky’s pussy and stretches the
walls of her vagina wide apart before filling her up with some of her own
golden piss. Nicol licks Miky’s pee drenched pussy too and then Miky kneels up
on the massage table, while Nicol sits on the floor with her mouth open, eager
to taste more of Miky’s hot piss.

The brief taste of piss turns Miky on so much that she fucks
herself with a flesh like dildo, and Nicol follows close behind while Miky pees
all over her. This massage is a Pee Pervert’s dream and you’ll be dreaming all
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