Barbara Sweet in ‘The Piss Shower’…

Barbara Sweet in ‘The Piss Shower’ at

Barbara Sweet enters WetAndPissy’s shower room with a towel
wrapped around her. Being a Pee Pervert, she knows just what to do when the
shower won’t turn on… get turned on herself and make a shower of her own – a golden

She starts by spreading her legs and spraying her golden piss
all over the floor. She looks a lot happier as she gets on the floor to mop up
her piss with the towel, squeezing the sodden material so that she can taste
her piss.

For her next pissy trick, Barbara sits on the step and
pisses into a glass bowl, really letting loose with a powerful stream. She
lifts the bowl and pours her pee over her head, soaking her hair and then
proceeds to pour the remaining nectar into her mouth. She spits it back out
playfully and licks the bowl with her tongue.

Standing up against the wall, Barbara gapes her pussy apart
with a metal speculum. After her pussy is spread wide, she lets another long piss
flow from her hole. This time she really gets wet as she plays with her pee
puddle and she gets so turned on that Barbara needs to fill her pussy with
something long and hard, so enjoys a glass dildo which she fucks herself… and
after a good long play, it’s be rude not to clean her sex toy with more pee. If
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