Anie Darling and Tera Link  in ‘Pussy Li…

Anie Darling and Tera Link  in ‘Pussy Licking Pissing’ at

There is nothing better that two Pee Perverts getting acquainted
as you’ll see when Anie Darling and Tera Link start kissing passionately. The
piss starts flowing as Tera squats above Anie and wets her panties, letting her
golden juices stream all over Anie’s pink tank top and down onto her panties
too. Tera licks her juices off Anie’s panties and after Anie takes off her
panties, Tera starts to lick her wet pussy.

It’s Tera’s turn to get wet, and as she lies down on the
sofa, Anie sits above her and pisses all over her toned stomach. Anie helps
Tera out of her now-sodden panties to treat her to some hot pussy licking and then
these horny pissing lesbians get naked together.

Moving on to share their sex toys, Tera gets first pick and chooses
the blue rabbit vibrator which Anie uses while continuing to lick Tera’s clit.
Tera switches positions so that she is riding on Anie’s tongue and then Anie
gets the pussy-licking treatment too. After Tera is finished with her sex toy,
she pisses into Anie’s hands, leaving Anie to pour the golden juices all over
Tera’s back.

Anie gets her turn with the vibrator and while standing,
releases another stream of piss into Tera’s hands too before Tera licks the
remaining pee from her pussy. Next these naughty girls pee simultaneously into
glasses, pouring their juices over each other. Of course, there’s still time
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