Anna Ray and Lucia Denvile  in ‘Piss Fig…

Anna Ray and Lucia Denvile  in ‘Piss Fight’ at

Cute blonde Anna Ray is getting ready at the dressing table
while her hot raven-haired girlfriend, Lucia Denvile, is relaxing on the sofa.
Lucia is trying to read but she can’t help but notice how sexy Anna looks while
she is combing her long hair. Lucia feels a pang in her bladder and walks over
to the dresser and pulls her panties to one side before pissing all over Anna’s
tight top and panties.

Lucia then gets dominant and pushes Anna’s face down onto
the dresser’s glass top and forces her girlfriend to lick up her remaining
juices. These horny Pee Perverts kiss and both lap up golden piss from the
chair that Anna was sat on. Spitting the juices over each other’s faces, you
can see how much fun they are having.

Lucia helps Anna to strip down to her red fishnet stockings
and then as Lucia lies on the floor, Anna pisses all over her. Anna licks her
own golden piss off Lucia’s top and then after stripping naked, Lucia bends
over on the sofa while Anna inserts a red speculum into Lucia’s pussy. She
treats Lucia to some sexy pussy licking before the tables are turned as Anna
lies back on the sofa while Lucia inserts some kitchen tongs up into her eager
hole. As Anna’s pussy is gaped wide apart, she releases another stream of her
pee onto Lucia’s tits, who is desperate to lick Anna’s pissy pussy.

These girls love piss, with Lucia pissing directly into
Anna’s mouth, giving her an extended taste which gets her girl so hot that she
needs a purple vibrator buried deep in her snatch to satisfy her desire.

The dirty girls exchange more of their pee before finishing
off by catching a piss from both their bladders in a big glass bowl and using
straws, suck up and squirt each other with their piss cocktail. If you want to
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