Alexis Crystal and Barbara Sweet in ‘Can…

Alexis Crystal and Barbara Sweet in ‘Can you Help Me?’ at

Alexis Crystal and Barbara Sweet are in the gym working out
when Alexis tries to lift some weights that are a little heavy for her. She
looks to get some help from Barbara but these girls decide that they can have a
lot more fun in the gym than exercising! Alexis helps Barbara out of her shorts
and then lies back so that Barbara can spray her golden piss all over her
leotard. Horny Barbara licks her way up Alexis’ piss-soaked body… all the way
to her mouth before these lesbians share a piss-flavoured kiss.

Barbara helps Alexis out of her pee drenched outfit and then
using the weights bench they enjoy licking each other’s pussies at the same time.
Alexis is an established Pee Pervert and proves her prowess by firing a stream
of her piss out towards Barbara’s mouth, giving her a taste of piss drinking,
while simultaneously giving herself a golden shower – covering her own face
with piss!

Alexis kneels up and enjoys some fingering then aims another
stream of her hot piss into Barbara’s mouth. Alexis licks Barbara’s pissy pussy…
and then to give each other even more pleasure they take turns sharing a purple

After a lot of pissy fun, the girls fill up a vase with
their pee and pour it into their mouths, laughing an playing and pissing with
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