Foxie T in ‘The Maid Gets Wet’ at …

Foxie T in ‘The Maid Gets Wet’ at

Naughty maid, Foxie T decides to treat her boss to some
seriously west fun. She dresses in sexy lace pantyhose and a short maid’s
outfit while using a feather duster to arouse him through his pants. After
making sure he’s nice and hard, she sits on the back of the sofa, lifts-up her
skirt and reveals that her pantyhose are crotchless… and that her bladder is
bursting. This Pee Pervert aims a stream of her hot piss over his boxers and
then licks them. It doesn’t take long before his cock is out and horny Foxie is
sucking on his glans.

He stands up to let her continue her blowjob and then pisses
into her mouth, giving her a taste of piss. Aiming his piss stream down over
her tits, he then helps Foxie out of her soaking wet maid’s outfit. Foxie
climbs on top of his dick and gets her pussy drilled. She lifts-up and pees
again, this time all over his hard cock and toned stomach.

Foxie wastes no time in lapping up her juices and is
obviously eager to take mouthfuls of pee. This piss loving couple catch more of
Foxie’s pee in a big blue bowl and while Foxie gets back on her knees to suck
cock, her guy pours the golden juices all over her.

Next, Foxie bends over on the sofa and gets her pussy fucked
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pissing into her mouth before continuing to fuck her pussy. Finally, Foxie
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