A nice story with a happy ending


Out to the party the young couple needed a good bottle of wine but they were all so expensive and they were broke.

The couple started bickering about what wine they could afford and what they should be buying for the party.

Then she saw the middle aged man staring, in the next isle, undressing her with his eyes & playing with his cock through his suit trousers. He caught her eye & she gasped and pointed him out to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend spotted him and went for a chat. She was surprised that they got on so well and when they came back smiling, she was alarmed. She was even more alarmed when the man took hold of her arm and whispered

‘you’re coming with me slut”

So holding her arm tightly he walked her out of the supermarket, occasionally groping her tits and arse. After one particularly painful squeeze of my nipples she gasped. The man responded by spitting in her ear.

“you’re bought and paid for, cunt”

After the short walk around the building, being dragged and groped like a piece of fuckmeat they arrived at the bins, in a not so private space. The area smelled of stale piss and refuse and was covered in litter and pieces of rotting vegetables. The man threw her to the ground and instructed her to get on her knees.

Scrabbling around she got in position just in time to see the man unzip his fly, extract his cock from his suit trousers and point the end at her face.
‘Let me give you an early taste of that wine you were after”
Just as she started to respond a stream of piss shot into her face and mouth. Shocked, she turned her face away and put her hands up to stop the stream. This angered the man in the suit.
“For fucks sake, what am I paying for?”
The boyfriend responded
‘Open your mouth and do your job, whore’
Both men slapped the girl hard and shocked, she did as asked.
The older man in a low authoritarian voice ordered her to
‘beg for it, cunt’
She couldn’t believe the situation she was in but found herself becoming more and more turned on being treated like a cheap piece of fuckmeat. Almost like someone else was saying it, she gave voice to her base desire to be treated like a human urinal.
“please sir, please can you piss in my mouth?”
Smiling he started to piss into her open mouth “drink it up bitch”
A heavy flow continued into her mouth but despite her best efforts she could not drink it all and some spilled down onto her party dress and onto the floor. This angered the man ‘fucking cunt, are you dodging my piss? Is my piss not good enough for you?”

She was sorry to let the man down and resolved to do better but at last went he finished and the last spurts of piss went into her eyes, there was a pool of piss on the dirty floor by her knees.
He forced her head down onto the floor and ordered her to “lick it up cunt”
She complied and in a pathetic, submissive voice apologised. “sorry, sir, sorry mmmph, so sorry, I’ll clean it up”
Her audible slurps and licks continued for a while until the man pulled her head up by the hair and forced her mouth onto his hardening cock and then roughly pushed the head of his cock down her throat. He then proceed to vigorously and roughly fuck her face; using her hair as a handle to get good purchase & slapping her hands out of the way to ensure no resistance. The force of his fucking meant she was completely off balance and was thrown around like a rag doll. The rapid thrusts noisily chucking, at the back of her throat and causing drool to flow down onto her pretty party dress. Soon enough he was done; pulling out and jerking himself off onto her face. To finish off he pushed her head to the floor again ‘you’d better clean that mess up”
As she started to clean up the piss, cum & drool mixture he turned and paid the agreed money to her boyfriend.
He then threw some change onto the floor for the girl “that should pay for a cheap bottle of plonk for a cheap slut”
She continued licking and pathetically tried to capture the money – she felt immense pride to be of use to the man and her boyfriend.
Her boyfriend walked away to with his money – “I’ll see you at the house, don’t forget to get the wine”
Like a good girl after finishing clearing up, she indeed walked round to the supermarket in her torn & cum, piss & drool stained dress with dirty knees, filthy shoes and wet hair, and proceeded to buy the cheapest bottle of wine in the shop with her earnings.
She smiled at all the people looking at her with open mouths at the cheapest cunt in the town.