Mary Rock in ‘Soaking Wet Sofa’ at…

Mary Rock in ‘Soaking Wet Sofa’ at

Brunette Pee Pervert Mary Rock makes her debut on WetAndPissy
in a smoking-hot pink fishnet bodice and denim hot-pants. Sitting on the back
of the sofa, gently caressing herself Mary pees down over the sofa and over her
shorts. Her pee stream is messy and as the crotch of her bodysuit gets soaking
wet, Mary places her hand down so that she can give herself a taste. She picks
up her hot-pants and licks some more of her golden pee off them before taking
off her wet bodysuit and lying back to finger fuck her pee-soaked pussy.

After a serious bit of finger play, Mary spreads her wet
pussy and aims another stream of pee over herself, sprinkling it everywhere.

Getting hold of a giant glass goblet, Mary opens her legs
and pees into it, collecting some of her golden nectar to play with. She pours
her juices over her tongue, giving herself a piss-in-the-mouth experience which
gets her so horny that she just has to toys her hot pussy with a purple beaded
sex toy.

After getting herself off, Mary pushes her ass in the air and
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