Doroty and Ellen Betsy in ‘Brunettes Get…

Doroty and Ellen Betsy in ‘Brunettes Get Wet’ at

Gorgeous dark-haired Pee Perverts Ellen and Doroty are
getting acquainted in the shower room. Doroty lifts Ellen’s top up and licks
her nipples before they both bend over and playfully piss through the crotches
of their panties at the same time. After both girls wet themselves, they help
each other out of their soaked panties and taste their juices by licking and
sucking the pissy gussets.

Doroty climbs on top of Ellen with her bare pussy right in
Ellen’s face. Ellen licks and spreads Doroty’s pretty labia apart before
receiving a golden shower all over her top and toned stomach. Doroty licks her
way up Ellen’s pee-soaked body and kisses her before helping her out of her top
and squeezing her pee all over her bare, naked tits.

Ellen lies down on the table and fires a ferocious stream of
piss all over Doroty, washing the girls clean, including the inside of her
mouth! Feeling refreshed, the girls take turns riding an inflatable dildo seat,
with Ellen sitting her pussy down on it first as Doroty takes the opportunity
to piss all over her friend again. The girls swap places and Doroty gets to
sample this novelty sex toy while getting drenched in pee.

Having fucked each other with a dildo, the girls enjoy
aiming their simultaneous pee streams into glasses and pour their golden
goodness all over each other. If you’d like to share in the filthy fun, head
over to now.


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