Vany Ully in ‘Office Piss Play’ at…

Vany Ully in ‘Office Piss Play’ at

Vany Ully is at her desk writing in her notepad when she
decides to take a break from all that boring work. She runs her hands over her
body before lifting her skirt to show off her pantyhose and pretty, shaved
pussy. She seductively plays with her legs and then takes off her skirt,
continuing to rub the crotch of her pantyhose with her fingers until she starts
to piss through her pantyhose. She really needed to and leaves behind a big
puddle of piss which she wants to do more than sit in… ripping the crotch of
her pantyhose to get better access to her pussy, Vany continues to pee,
catching her stream in her hands and splashing it all up her top and into her
mouth. Her piss puddle overflows the chair as Vany gets up, turns around and
rubs her ass in her golden juices, soaking her pantyhose through. She rips the
ass of her pantyhose too, and kneels-down, lapping up her golden piss.

This Pee Pervert is so horny that she fucks her pussy with a
funnel before using it to catch another pee stream in a clear plastic bag. She
pierces the and imagines a lover pissing all over her as she lets her juices
flow into her mouth. Vany is absolutely drenched in piss and takes off her sodden
top before leaning back of the office sofa and pumping her pussy.

Finding that she needs to pee again, Vany fills the pussy
pump to the top and pours her piss down over her tits and into her mouth, giving
another sexy taste before she spits her piss out all out over herself.

The sofa underneath is soaked in her juices but Vany doesn’t
care; she is enjoying her piss play far too much… so much that she decides to stand
up and fuck her pussy with a black dildo; she is so turned on, she sticks it to
the glass table before riding it hard. Vany stands up and sprays another long
piss over her big dildo then sucks it, imagining that it’s her boss’ big cock
in her mouth. If Vany worked in your office, you wouldn’t get any work done at
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