Camilla Moon, Claudia Macc & Vinna Reed in…

Camilla Moon, Claudia Macc & Vinna Reed in ‘Merry Christmas’ at

Camilla Moon and Claudia Macc are in their dining room
wearing sexy red lingerie and feeling both frisky and festive. However, as soon
as they stand up and start to kiss, there is a knock at the door and their hot
blonde friend Vinna Reed pops in, wearing a cute Christmas jumper.  Sensing the sexiness in the room, Vinna allows
the girls to help her out of her jumper before they both piss all over her grey
tank top and denim jeans. Vinna gets soaked through and adds a spray of piss of
her own, which both Camilla and Claudia are keen to taste.

These gorgeous girls decide to unwrap a present from under
the Christmas tree and they find some golden Ben Wa balls which they insert
into Claudia’s pussy. Camilla and Vinna hold a glass dish under her pussy and
Claudia fills it with her warm pee stream, before the girls pour the golden
nectar over themselves.

Another present is opened and this time it’s a pussy pump.
Camilla gets to enjoy this little treat as her pussy is made nice and swollen
before she fills the tube with more piss. These Pee Perverts are really getting
into it as Claudia and Vinna take that golden nectar into their mouths.

Vinna’s gift is next and she gets to enjoy a purple speculum,
which she uses while pissing all over the floor and sofa. The final present is
a golden vibrator which each girl gets to fuck before they finish their festive
celebrations by simultaneously peeing into three wine glasses and each to toast
to a very pissy festive season and a wet new year full of lesbian pee
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