Jenifer Jane in ‘Christmas is Coming&rsq…

Jenifer Jane in ‘Christmas is Coming’ at

Merry Christmas Wet Christmas! Gorgeous Pee Pervert Jenifer
Jane is ready to hand out a pissy treat to all you Pee Perverts on Christmas Day. Her presents are wrapped and she climbs onto the bed, teasing as she rubs
her hands over her sexy body. Turning around, Jenifer shows off her perfect ass
and then kneels up before wetting her panties. Her piss streams soak through
the fabric and down onto her bedsheets as she rubs her wet pussy with her hand.
This stunning brunette takes off her panties and tastes her pissy juices before
lying back on the bed and enjoying some fingering fun.

This is certainly going to be one merry Christmas 😉

Jenifer climbs off the bed and opens some of her naughty presents.
Inside the first is a giant glass goblet and some tongs. She places the goblet
on her bed and bending over, releases another stream of piss into it, making
quite a mess in the process. She pours her collected pee down over her top and
then takes it, off ready for even more fun. Lying back down, Jenifer plays with
the red tongs and pinches and stretches her labia before gaping her pussy wide open.
This sexy sensation encourages another pee stream which Jenifer sprinkles all
over the bedsheets, drenching them further.

The next present that Jenifer opens is a flesh dildo. She
enjoys using this on her pussy, frantically fucking herself until she feels the
urge to pee once again – spraying everywhere as she masturbates with her

Jenifer finishes her festive fun by pissing into the goblet
once more, and pouring it all over her face and into her mouth, giving her a
taste of piss which will keep her satisfied until the next time… If you want to
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