Camilla Moon in ‘Coming Back For More&rs…

Camilla Moon in ‘Coming Back For More’ at

Pee Pervert Camilla Moon makes a welcome return to WetAndPissy
after really enjoying filming her previous pissing videos. She is wearing tight
faded denim jeans and pink high heels and is so turned on that she can’t resist
lifting-up her cropped top and rubbing her sensitive boobs. She slides her
hands into her denims and touches herself before she stands up with one leg on
the table. Suddenly a wet patch starts to spread down the inside of her left leg
as she Camilla starts pissing herself. She takes off her high heels and bends
over on the table with her legs spread open.

Taking off her jeans, Camilla licks her pissy patch, tasting
her golden pee then puts them to one side as she takes hold of a purple
vibrator and teases her nipples… before suddenly aiming a stream of piss into a
glass in a holder attached to the white tiles. She takes the piss-filled glass
in her hands and pours her pee over her top, soaking herself through before taking
some piss into her mouth, which she spits out playfully.

Camilla decides to start fucking her pee-soaked pussy with
her vibrator while standing up, leaning against the wall. Having changed
positions, Camilla starts to move more frantically and suddenly her pussy explodes,
showering piss all over the table. She dives into those sexy juices and for her
grand finale, catches more of her piss in a glass jug, pouring it all over her
hair and face, drenching herself completely. If you want to share in the pissy
fun, head over to now.