Ella Rose in ‘Splashing’ at WetAnd…

Ella Rose in ‘Splashing’ at WetAndPissy.com

Gorgeous Pee Pervert Ella Rosa returns to WetAndPissy looking
as sexy as ever. She teases on the black leather sofa in a little bodysuit
before bending over and running her hands over her pert little bum. Having
displayed her wares, Ella climbs onto the coffee table pees through the crotch
of her skimpy outfit. Golden piss streams out everywhere and makes a nice wet
puddle that she can’t resist playing with.

Ella Rosa dives into her puddle and laps up some of her warm
pee to give her a good taste of her own nectar. Seriously horny with the taste
of piss in her mouth, Ella wanders over to the sideboard, un-clipping her body
and shaking her ass towards the camera and grabs a purple speculum. Using the
speculum to spread her pretty pussy, Ella lies back on the table and pisses
from her gaping pussy

The floor is super-sodden with her golden juices and Ella
splashes it up over herself. She removes her soaking wet bodysuit and uses it
to mop up her pee puddle. Next, this horny brunette uses a purple vibrator to
fuck her pussy, changing position so that she can masturbate and pee at the
same time.

As a finale, Ella Rosa pisses long and hard into a glass
bowl and fills it nicely before pouring the contents all over her petite naked
body and over her head. If you enjoy pissing porn, you’ll love this scene over
at WetAndPissy.com