Jennifer Mendes in ‘Perfect Curves&rsquo…

Jennifer Mendes in ‘Perfect Curves’ at

Raven haired hottie Jennifer Mendes has curves in all the
right places and is more than happy to show them off. Dressed in tight hot-pants
and a tank top, Jennifer oozes sex appeal… and she’s soon oozing piss into her
hot pants as she gives in to the sudden urge to pee. She holds her crotch as her
bladder starts to pulse but sits down to enjoy the feel of peeing in her pants.

Jennifer takes off her tank top and uses it to mop up the
puddle of pee she has created on the floor… and then squeezes the juices out
all over her big boobs. She stays on the floor and rubs her pussy through her
wet panties before taking them off and masturbating.

This Pee Pervert decides things aren’t wet enough, so pees
again, this time while standing up, aiming her stream over a glass chair. Jennifer
laps up her golden piss and spits if back down over her nipples before tipping
the pool of piss all over her naked body.

Feeling really horny, Jennifer toys herself with a golden
vibrator and then pees over her clothes before stretching her piss-soaked tank
top back over her slippery tits. She catches one final piss stream in a
watering can and gives herself a well-deserved pissy shower to cool down after
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Vinna Reed in ‘Soaking The Cleaner&rsquo…

Vinna Reed in ‘Soaking The Cleaner’ at

Hot blonde Vinna Reed is concentrating on her cleaning as
she boss starts to concentrate on her bottom. He really wants to get more
intimate with Vinna, and this Pee Pervert is in a rather kinky mood so he
sneaks up behind her and takes out his cock and pisses all over her clothes.
Vinna likes the feel of his hot piss on her skin and kneels down to take even
more golden showers from him before she starts sucking his cock.

Vinna’s boss helps her out of her soaking wet clothes and,
once she is naked, she continues to showcase her blowjob skills before her boss
lies down on the desk and she showers him with her own piss. They enjoy some hot,
wet 69 action before Vinna climbs on top of her boss and rides his thick cock
with her tight pussy.

Afterwards, this stunning blonde lies down on the table and invites
her boss to piss inside pussy… and he quickly fills her super-soaked hole with
his cock. Vinna takes his dick from her pussy to mouth and then kneels back
down on the floor to enjoy getting drenched with another golden shower.

Their pee exchange continues before Vinna takes a messy cum shot
over her ass while bent over the office desk… but things aren’t quite finished as
Vinna catches her own golden juices in a glass and insists that her boss pours
the contents down over her hot, naked body. If you want to see Vinna getting
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Antonia Sainz in ‘Piss-Drenched Gym Gear…

Antonia Sainz in ‘Piss-Drenched Gym Gear’ at

Antonia Sainz gets back home after a party wearing a sexy red
dress and high heels but she’s ready for some sporty action, so gets changed
into her gym gear. Unfortunately, the tightness of her grey leggings means she
suddenly feels desperate to pee… and a filthy feeling takes hold of this Pee
–  instead of going to the loo,
or even stripping again, Antonia decides to kneel up on the glass table where
she starts peeing in her pants. Her pee stream flows down onto the table and
Antonia clearly loves the sensation of her wet leggings. She’s so horny that she
rips open the crotch so that she can touch her bare pussy.

After she has finished peeing, she tastes her juices on the
tips of her fingers and then dives into her puddle of pee. She takes off her
tank top and mops up the rest of her piss and squeezes it all over her breasts.

Once Antonia is completely naked, she uses some red tongs to
tease her pussy lips with then gapes herself wide apart. As she stands up and
spreads her pussy, Antonia releases another stream of golden piss down onto the
table, and licks her pee puddle.

Feeling the need for more pussy play, Antonia slides a blue rabbit
vibrator deep into her juicy pussy. While lying on the glass table, Antonia
pees again and abandons the you to take herself to orgasm with her fingers.

To finish the scene, Antonia pees into a jug and then serves
herself a glass of hot pee, which she drinks, before pouring the remaining
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Antonia Sainz and Jenifer Jane in ‘Geogr…

Antonia Sainz and Jenifer Jane in ‘Geography’ at

Antonia Sainz is back as a sexy student sitting in a
Geography lesson… however, it’s difficult to concentrate on a map of the world
when Jenifer is perched on a desk wearing a tiny skirt and no knickers. Antonia
can’t resist pushing Jenifer’s skirt up but she gets a surprise when Jenifer
leans back and showers her pupil with hot golden piss, soaking Antonia’s tank

Pee Pervert Jenifer licks up the pissy mess, starting with Antonia’s
wet legs and working her way up to her soaked tits… and then helps Antonia
strip naked. Antonia swaps places with her teacher and shows off what she has
leant by sitting on the desk and peeing all over Jenifer, and it isn’t long
before both pissing lesbians are naked together.

As Jenifer lies down on the desk, eager student Antonia
starts licking her pussy… and as she does, Jenifer shoots another stream of
piss towards Antonia’s mouth. Antonia gets her pussy pleasured in turn and as
her bladder fills, her teacher sits on the floor as naughty Antonia spreads her
legs while squatting on the desk and pisses into teacher’s mouth! Geography lessons
have never been so wet!

Teacher Jenifer instructs Antonia to look in a drawer of her
desk, and she pupil finds a purple vibrator which they both share.

Jenifer and Antonia catch their combined pee in a glass bowl
and using a sponge, soak up their juices before squeezing them out over each
other to finish this seriously hot pissing scene. If you want to see a teacher
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